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The Site: Support: Mp3 Format02.05.03

The MPEG Layer-3 Low Bitrate Audio Coding, better known as Mp3, is a kind of audio compression able to create an audio track of a very good quality into a file of small size.

For example, an audio track of four minutes of length taken from an audio CD and recorded in WAV format would take at least 40MB of space in order to keep its quality, while the same track encoded in Mp3 format would take only 4MB of space and it would keep almost the same quality, that is why this format is so used through internet.

To get the small size of a Mp3 file, the compression ignore the sounds on the track that the human ear cannot commonly hear, like the too low and too high frecuencies and the sounds that are hidden behind other sounds. For example, if the sound of the drums don't let you hear the sound of a piano for an instant, then the sound of the piano in that short instant is not included in the Mp3 file and only the sound of the drums is included.

In theory the Mp3 file that results from the compression is a digital audio track which doesn't miss its original quality, at least for the human ear, but actually, a very good Mp3 file that sounds terrific in a computer will sound awful in almost any good sound device. So, the perfect solution to share music on internet never will be enough to serious music lovers.

However, the increasing number of files in Mp3 format all around the internet is becoming a threat to the music industry and reduces the number of sold copies of commercial material property of profesional composers, due to the fact that anyone with a connection is able to get almost any commercial song for free.

4eigner.net does not want to damage Foreigner or any other author or performer, so on this site you will find only short excerpts of comercial songs, and full samples only if the song is unavailable from comercial sources.

Of course, in order to hear a mp3 file you need an audio player that supports that format, there are many of them that you can get easily. Some useful links are provided below.

If you experiment any trouble or have any doubt about this or any other topic related with the site, please get in touch using the Contact section.

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The Site: Support: Mp3 Format02.05.03
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