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The News: Archived News03.02.05

This is a collection of news posted on this site through the years, including those posted on previous versions of the site.

1997: Foreigner on new Tina Arena album. Lou Gramm's health problems. Mark Schulman's new band. Foreigner's record companies. Jeff Jacobs on tour with Tina Arena. Jeff Jacobs and Ron Wikso on new Amy album. Jeff Jacobs on new Awie album.

1998: Foreigner album. Foreigner on the road. The Storm album release. Clock live. Foreigner Mini-Convention. Ron Wikso replaced. Ron Wikso on tour with The Storm (possibly). Al Greenwood on new Garbo Talks album. Ian McDonald chat. Clock live. Ian McDonald album. Clock album. Ron Wikso on tour with Richie Sambora. The Storm single. Clock live and album update. Lou Gramm's health problems update. Mick Jones on "The Mick Ronson Memorial Concert" album. Ron Wikso on tour with Richie Sambora update.

1999: Mick Jones on new Scorpions album. Foreigner on tour with Journey. Ron Wikso on new Majic Ship album. Ron Wikso on new Harlan Cage album. Ron Wikso and Kevin Valentine on new Firefly album. Ian McDonald album update. Ian McDonald chat.

Note: The site was out of activity between November 1999 and December 2000. So, news about events that happened during that time are not available.

2000: 4eigner.net The Foreigner Website is launched. Foreigner on the road. Ian McDonald on new John Wetton album. Foreigner on VH1's "Behind The Music". "Foreigner Tribute" album. Ian McDonald repurchases the rights to "Drivers Eyes". "Foreigner Tribute" album update.

2001: Ball album. Foreigner DVDs. "Foreigner Tribute" album update. Ball album update. "Foreigner Tribute" release. Ron Wikso on new Gregg Rolie album. Ball live. Foreigner4 tour dates. Ball live. Johnny Edwards on new Northrup album. Jeff Jacobs on new Two Fires album. 4eigner.net's first award. Mick Jones on new Meatloaf album. Northrup "JK" album update. Brian Tichy with Billy Idol live on MTV. "Rough Diamonds #1" available again. Ball and Billy Idol both continue. Ron Wikso live.

2002: Ball live. Don Mancuso live. Bad Company tour dates and live DVD. Foreigner expanded CDs. Foreigner compilations. Foreigner on VH1's "Behind The Music" update. Mark Schulman on tour with Cher. Ball live. Dennis Elliott on Woodturning magazine. Foreigner drummer. Foreigner upcoming events and releases. Foreigner expanded CDs update. Foreigner on foreigner lands. Brian Tichy on tour with Billy Idol. Foreigner expanded CDs details. Foreigner on ESPN's "Mohr Sports". 21st Century Schizoid Band on the road. 21st Century Schizoid Band album. "McDonald And Giles" re-issue. "McDonald And Giles" remixed and remastered. 21st Century Schizoid Band official bootleg and t-shirt. 21st Century Schizoid Band upcoming events and releases.

2003-1: Clock live. 21st Century Schizoid Band rehearsals. Foreigner fan tribute CD. Foreigner tribute bands. Lou Gramm on tour (possibly). 21st Century Schizoid Band drummer. 21st Century Schizoid Band rehearsals update. 21st Century Schizoid Band DVD. 3rd Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp. 21st Century Schizoid Band rehearsals update, chatboard and reviews. Denny Carmassi on out of print Don Barnes album. Ball last show. JK Northrup compilation. 21st Century Schizoid Band line-up debut. Ian McDonald on new Ian Wallace album. Lou Gramm on tour. "Ian Boys" working on new material. "Live At Deer Creek" available again.

2003-2: Lou Gramm on new Don Mancuso album. Don Mancuso album update. Foreigner fan tribute CD update. "Live At Deer Creek" update. Lou Gramm tour opening. Lou Gramm tribute band live. Montrose one night reunion. Stranger website. "Live At Deer Creek" update. New Foreigner DVD. Head Games website. Don Mancuso album update. Lou Gramm on new Christian project. 4eigner.net II! Foreigner on VH1's "True Spin". "Welcome To The Revolution" update. Johnny Edwards on new JK Northrup / Paul Shortino album. "Welcome To The Revolution" update. "Welcome To The Revolution" release party. Stranger 2.0 the Jam Room - 12/13.

2004: 4eigner.net announcements. Foreigner DVDs. Shortino / Northrup album scheduled for release. Thom Gimbel playing... golf. "Welcome To The Revolution" release. Don Mancuso album update. Foreigner's current situation. Dennis Elliott's Summer 2004 Email Newsletter. Foreigner's "25 All Access Tonight" DVD re-issue. Foreigner's "With Heaven On Our Side" video. Shortino / Northrup's "Afterlife" update. Ron Wikso supporting Gary Brandon. Upcoming Foreigner performance. New Edwards / Northrup track. Don Mancuso album update. Dennis Elliott will play for relief benefit. Don Mancuso album available. Brian Tichy on new Derek Sherinian album. Jeff Pilson comments on the past July 25 show. Schizoid Band update. Mark Schulman on "Sonic Heroes" soundtrack.

The News: Archived News03.02.05
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