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The News: Archived News: 200403.02.05

This is a collection of news posted on this site during 2004.

4eigner.net announcements03.14.04
Hi everyone! I will delay the development of 4eigner.net II in order to pay more attention to the current site because the project it's taking me too much time.

Our 4eigner.net Updates announcements list will be disabled for some time due to security issues. I have no reason to think that it has been available to any viral entity, however I will disable it until I can add more security to it. Thanks for your understanding.

On the same subject, do not expect any kind of mail from the 4eigner.net domain, except when you request it previously, through a question for example. Also, you can be sure that I do not send any attachments, never. Remember that viruses can use any e-mail address they find posted on-line, like mine.

Well, from now on you can expect updates almost every week. Please visit as often as you wish.

Foreigner DVDs03.14.04
For those who don't know about it, there are already available two "new" Foreigner DVDs, which are, in fact, re-issues of the VHS videos we all knew: "Live At Deer Creek", which has always been something great to watch once and again; and the "Feels Like The First Time" video documentary, which seems too much expensive, I don't think one should buy it if already owns the VHS version.

Shortino / Northrup album scheduled for release03.21.04
The new Shortino / Northrup album, titled "Afterlife" is scheduled for release. The date is May 17, 2004. There is a rough mix of the title song available on MTM's Sampler Volume 9 (released last year). This is interesting because former Foreigner lead vocalist Johnny Edwards recorded a duet with Paul Shortino on the song "Crazy Mind".

Thom Gimbel playing... golf03.21.04
According to a post on FOREIGNERTALK, Foreigner saxophone player Thom Gimbel will be playing at the 4th Annual Mark & Brian Celebrity Golf Tournament. More information at: http://www.955klos.com/markandbrian.

"Welcome To The Revolution" release03.26.04
"Welcome To The Revolution", Christian album where Lou Gramm appears, has been officially released. All the details at: http://www.3chordrecords.net.

Don Mancuso album update03.26.04
Former Black Sheep guitarist Don Mancuso's second solo album, "D:DRIVE", is nearing completion. Lou Gramm has one more song that he will be recording vocals on (a remake of The Beatles' "Hey Bulldog". The mixes should be complete sometime in April and on to the mastering and cover design.

Don will be touring with Lou next summer and they have been talking about a possible Lou's new solo album.

More information at: Fiesta Productions: Don Mancuso.

Foreigner's current situation06.10.04
I wanted to wait until I read real news about the current situation of the band before I post anything of this, but many months have past, everything still points to the same direction and most of you know it, so let's put it all together.

Lead vocalist Lou Gramm has been touring as a solo act for two years in a row and has been talking too much about Foreigner's inactivity and his solo career, and according to guitarist Don Mancuso, current member of Lou's band along with the "current" Foreigner bass player Bruce Turgon, they have been working on Lou's next solo album.

Mick Jones hadn't had the chance to say anything about it, but according to news posted during the last two weeks at Melodic Rock, the guitarist hinted in an interview that he might be putting a new Foreigner line-up together and that one of the vocalists approached by the band's management is former Bad Company singer Brian Howe. It was also posted that Mick did not fire Lou and that their relationship remains amicable.

Dennis Elliott's Summer 2004 Email Newsletter06.10.04
Courtesy of Iona Elliott:

Dear friends,

Summer is here and what beautiful weather we’re having!   I hope you and your 
family are enjoying the warmer weather and are taking advantage of the longer 

     We’re proud to announce Dennis has work in the following shows:
                    "Nature Transformed:
     Wood Art From the Bohlen Collection - 2004"
                Dates: June 12 through October 3, 2004
            A celebration opening will be on July 20th
                University of Michigan Museum of Art
                        525 South State Street
                          Ann Arbor, MI 48109
                         Phone: 734.764.0395 
A Dennis Elliott Wall Sculpture is in this show and Sculpted Vessel in the 
accompanying book published by the Museum.

                        "Celebrating Nature"
                                  curated by Kevin Wallace
            Dates: August 11 through September 11, 2004
                                     Craft & Folk Art Museum
                                   5814 Wilshire Blvd.
                                      Los Angeles, CA
                                 Phone: 323.937.4230
                A Dennis Elliott Wall Sculpture will be in this show.

    Smithsonian American Art Museum - Renwick Gallery
            Through December 31, 2004 as part of the permanent collection
           Pennsylvania Avenue at 17th Street NW, Washington D.C. 2000 
                            Phone: 202-357-2531
                A Dennis Elliott Wall Sculpture continues to be on view.

   If you are unable to see these shows, please check Dennis’ web site at
       http://www.denniselliott.com   see: Current, Future, Past Shows
         The following are galleries featuring for work of Dennis Elliott:

Arte Gallery - Palm Desert, California 
Chasen Galleries of Fine Art - Richmond, Virginia 
Carol Craven Gallery - West Tisbury, Massachusetts      NEW
Creations Fine Woodworking Gallery - Hockessin, Delaware 
del Mano Gallery - Los Angeles, California 
erl originals - Winston-Salem, North Carolina 
Gallery 53 West, Dawsonville, GA                         NEW
Gaslight Gallery - Petoskey, Michigan 
Hodgell Gallery - Sarasota, Florida 
L’Attitude Gallery - Boston, Massachusetts 
Milward Farrell Fine Art - Madison, Wisconsin           NEW
Orlando Museum of Art - Museum Shop - Orlando, Florida 
Sher Galleries - Aventura, Florida 
Andrea Smith Gallery - Scottsdale, Arizona 
Wexler Gallery - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Wiford & Vogt Fine Art - Santa Fe, New Mexico 
Wood You Remember Gallery, N.Chatham, MA          NEW

If you're unable to visit these galleries and have access to the Internet 
please check Dennis Elliott's web site for the latest gallery information:

then click on Where to Purchase Work 

or email us at elliottidªaol.com 

We'd love to here from you!

Yours sincerely,

Iona & Dennis
You can subscribe to this newsletter at Dennis' Website.

Foreigner's "25 All Access Tonight" DVD re-issue06.18.04
Eagle Rock Entertainment released in May a re-issue of Foreigner's "25 All Access Tonight" DVD. The item seems to differ from the original only for the new cover art. It is, I think, only a massive effort whose production and distribution will be beyond the capacity of the editors of the original release. Find more information at the next links: Detailed description, Description and samples.

Foreigner's "With Heaven On Our Side" video06.18.04
MR-X, a Melodic Rock feature, has available the Foreigner video "With Heaven On Our Side". Visit the next page to know the MR-X Membership details.

Shortino/Northrup's "Afterlife" update06.18.04
I have been listen to the Shortino/Northrup's "Afterlife" album several days for hours and hours. I think it is great and that almost everyone AOR fan may, at least, like it. However, as a warning, I must say that "Crazy Mind", the track co-written by former Foreigner member Johnny Edwards and which features him on lead vocals along with former Quiet Riot member Paul Shortino, owns almost the same style of Royal Jelly. It is a mid-tempo rocker, heavier and harder than the songs recorded by Johnny's '90s' band, and features a really rocking and superior guitar work, but it has that same vibe that most Foreigner fans don't like when listening to the Royal Jelly album, which I like but is not very compatible with Foreigner fans' preferences.

But as I said, I recommend it. It presents many styles, from a really beautiful ballad to mid-tempo rockers. Some are light, some are more or less heavy, and some are kind of dark (I don't mean the English dark style of the '80s). I'll post a complete review about "Afterlife" soon, until then check out a preview with mp3 samples at Melodic Rock.

Ron Wikso supporting Gary Brandon06.29.04
According to Melodic Rock, former Foreigner member Ron Wikso is supporting former White Sister member Gary Brandon in his Fast Machine project. Ron has replaced the drum tracks on the band's upcoming song "Smile" and is slated to guest on upcoming recordings as well. Mp3 samples available at: www.fastmachine.net.

Upcoming Foreigner performance07.08.04
According to Melodic Rock, Foreigner will be part of a charity event on July 25 in Santa Barbara at Fess Parkers Doubletree Resort. As part of the line-up, for this show, will appear former Dokken bass player Jeff Pilson, UFO drummer Jason Bonham (son of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham), and probably lead vocalist Kelly Keeling who has been member of the bands Baton Rouge and Blue Murder, and the solo project of drummer Carmine Appice. Of course, we can expect Mick Jones on guitar and Jeff Jacobs on keyboards.

New Edwards / Northrup track07.23.04
Details about the second compilation of Melodic Rock has been announced, and the 2CD release will include an unreleased track by the Edwards / Northrup duo, recorded a couple of years ago. Jeff mastered the first compilation and is mastering this one too. All the details about the release and a mp3 sample of the song "Hangin' By A Thread" are available at Andrew's website under Tuesday's news.

Don Mancuso album update08.06.04
According to Melodic Rock, Don Mancuso's album "D:Drive", where Lou Gramm appears, will be a release scheduled for August 25. A mp3 sample of "A Little Outside" (featuring Lou) is available at Andrew's website under today's news, and for those who pre-order the Melodic Rock double CD compilation there will be on-line access to the full track and many other bonus material with CD quality.

Dennis Elliott plays at K-Rock for relief benefit09.10.04
Courtesy of Iona Elliott:
96 K-Rock presents K-Rock for Relief, on Friday, Sept. 10 at the Germain 
Arena (formerly Teco Arena) in Estero, Florida. Doors open at 6, music starts
at 7 PM. Tickets are $25. Performers, Brian Johnson & Cliff Williams of AC/DC, 
Brian Howe formerly of Bad Company, Dennis Elliott, and Special guests TBA.

Tickets are on sale at the Germain Arena Box Office, Ticketmaster Outlets, or 
charge-by-phone (239) 334-3309 or online at Ticketmaster.com.

Proceeds to benefit The American red Cross and the Hurricane Charley Disaster 
Relief Fund.

Brian Johnson & Cliff Willams of AC/DC will be playing with musician friends. 
 Brian Howe will be playing with his band and Dennis Elliott will be playing 
some songs with them and possible others TBA.  There probably will be a jam at 
the end of the evening also.

Please feel free to pass this email along to a friend. Thanks.
Iona & Dennis

Don Mancuso album available09.10.04
Don Mancuso's album "D:Drive" featuring Lou Gramm on some tracks is now available.

Don Mancuso

Brian Tichy on new Derek Sherinian album09.14.04
Former Foreigner drummer Brian Tichy will be featured on the Derek Sherinian's fourth solo effort, a progressive metal release that will be available in November under the Insideout Music label in the US and Europe, and under the Avalon / Marquee assosiation in Japan. Derek is a well known keyboardist due to his work with Buddy Miles, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Dream Theater and Billy Idol. On Derek's last year album, "Black Utopia", Brian co-wrote three tracks and played guitar, so he surely will repeat that role instead of getting back to the drums at this time. More on Derek at Dereksherinian.com.

Jeff Pilson comments on the past July 25 show09.27.04
Former Dokken bass player Jeff Pilson comments on the past July 25 show at a Santa Barbara charity event, (a Mick Jones show, not a Foreigner one as it was previously posted on this site): "What a blast! ... it was Mick Jones, special guests and an evening of Foreigner music ... it was great, the band smoked and the audience loved it, what more is there to a rock show?". Although nothing else has been planned as of now, let's hope Jeff works with Mick again, more on him at: Jeff Pilson.Com.

By the way, the complete line-up was Mick Jones on guitar, Jeff Jacobs on keyboards, Jeff Pilson on bass, John Bonham on drums, and Chaz West on lead vocals (not Kelly Keeling as previously posted as a possibility). Chaz is known for his work with The Jason Bonham Band.

Schizoid Band update09.29.04
According to the 21st Century Schizoid Band Yahoo! Group, guitarist Jakko Jakszyk is preparing the band's NY show for CD release, multi-instrumentalist Mel Collins will record again with King Crimson, and there's a sound sample of "Imagination Day", a Jakko Jakszyk / Peter Sinfield collaboration, at Peter's website Song Soup On Sea, read all the story on its What's New page. This note was provided by Ben Quon. Thanks!

Mark Schulman on "Sonic Heroes" soundtrack10.01.04
Sonic Heroes
Former Foreigner drummer Mark Schulman is featured on the "Sonic Heroes" soundtrack (already available in Japan and to be released in USA on November 9), due to his participation in the recordings of the Crush 40 songs included on the album.

"Sonic" is a multi-platform, multi-title, 10+ years-old video game, "Sonic Heroes" is its latest title, guitarist Jun Senoue has been the man behind the game's music since 1993, and Crush 40 is a half-time band created by him to record songs for this and many other video games. Crush 40 also features former Hardline vocalist Johnny Gioeli.

One of the songs featuring Mark, "What I'm Made Of", is already available on MelodicRock.com's 2nd compilation "The Beast Inside".

More on Jun Senoue at Jun Senoue Official Fan Site.
More on Johnny Gioeli at JohnnyGioeli.com.

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The News: Archived News: 200403.02.05
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