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The News: Archived News: 2003-203.14.04

This is a collection of news posted on this site during May - December 2003.

Lou Gramm on new Don Mancuso album05.01.03
According to Phil Naro, the new Don Mancuso solo album is in progress.

After getting together with long time friend / vocalist Phil Naro to do two solos on his latest release "Glass Mountain In Toronto" (tracks "Stick Around" and "Glass Mountain"), Don Mancuso and Phil decided to team up to start work on Don's next solo release tentatively titled "D:DRIVE".

Joined by bassist Dave Quick and drummer Joe Lana as the core band the album is progressing as planned with a tentative release in the fall. All of the songs that will appear on the CD are written and arranged by Phil and Don with the exception of two that were co-written by Steve Major and one that was co-written by Lou Gramm.

While on break between touring with Foreigner and getting ready to go out on tour in support of his solo project, Lou had the opportunity to hear some of the demos that Phil and Don had in the works and was very impressed. Knowing that he had some time and that he and Don had wanted to do this for some time now they decided it was now, or never! Lou will be appearing on two songs that are completed right now ("Wait Till The Sun Goes Down" and "A Little Outside") and possibly a third tune as well.

Other musicians that will be lending a helping hand are, keyboardists Andy Knoll, Scott Kreyer (Toronto) and Larry "The Rose" Crozier (Black Sheep), drummer Joe Szembrot, and lead vocalist Jeff Cosco.

According to Don, "... things are going well and it should be done by fall ...".

GFI Studios

Don Mancuso album update05.14.03
I used to play with Lou on Black Sheep. Recorded one single on Chrysalis and two albums on Capital Records. I've been in the studio with Lou working on songs that he's co-written, sang and produced for my next solo CD titled Don Mancuso "D:DRIVE".

He is appearing on three songs doing lead vocals and a fourth that he sings with Phil Naro. I've been working on the record with Phil up to the beginning of this year, and when Lou heard it he liked it enough to volunteer his time, voice and expertice to the project. You can check my wesite out at Fiesta Productions: Don Mancuso.

Foreigner fan tribute CD update05.21.03
The Foreigner fan tribute CD, produced via Internet, is still in progress. The songs-to-date are: "I Want To Know What Love Is", "Rain", "Fool For You Anyway", "If I Don't Have You", "Midnight Blue", and "Blue Morning, Blue Day". Current results and details about how to participate are available at a new address:


"Live At Deer Creek" update05.30.03
According to a post by Melanie Whitefoot (Inside Information: The Foreigner Files) on FOREIGNERTALK (May 16): BMG gave Foreigner's publishing company the wrong release date for the "Live At Deer Creek" DVD. BMG is working on the DVD and is expecting to release it about mid to end of June: "... also, they expect it to be a general distribution, which means if BMG handles it as they do any other release, it will be available in retail purchase points ...".

Lou Gramm tour opening05.30.03
Lou Gramm's tour opens in Laughlin NV, May 30, 2003 (tonight), at the Colorado Belle Amphitheater. Just spent a couple days in Las Vegas with the guys, and the band sounds great. Lou is excited about the tour, and they really sound good. maigai.

Lou Gramm tribute band live06.03.03
Stranger "A Night Of Foreigner"
By Phil Naro (The Official Phil Naro Website)

With common interest, five accomplished musicians come together to pay tribute to Lou Gramm, lead vocalist of the multi-platinum group - Foreigner.

Stranger, fully recognized by Gramm himself, were recently featured in his "All Stars For Bright Eyes" benefit, where they totally amazed fans with accurate renditions of Foreigner classics, uncannily capturing the essence of the band through and through. From their debut self-titled release right up to the latest; you'll enjoy all the hits from Foreigner's multi-platinum 26-year history!

Stranger: Phil Naro (vocals), Michael Staertow (guitar), Chris Sevdalis (keyboards), Alberto Campuzano (bass), and Rob Mount (drums).

Hope to see you PK Creeks, June 7th, 255 Dundas St., West Mississauga, Ontario, 905-306-1999 (http://www.pkcreek.com).

Montrose one night reunion06.22.03
According to Melodic Rock, the "Cabo Wabo Beach Party" returns featuring "Together For The First Time In 25 Years", a reunion of the original Montrose band: Ronnie Montrose (guitar), Sammy Hagar (vocals), Bill Church (bass), and Foreigner's last tour drummer Denny Carmassi.

Event: Saturday, August 23. Tickets sale: Saturday, June 28 at 10am. Reserved tickets: $53, $45, $36. Lawn tickets: $23. A limited number of $10 lawn tickets will be available at the UMB Bank Pavilion Box Office while supplies last. All lawn tickets are only $17 (includes parking) for the first week of ticket sales. Tickets are available at all Ticketmaster outlets and http://www.ticketmaster.com, offer valid through July 5.

Stranger website09.05.03
Foreigner tribute band, Stranger, invites Foreigner fans to preview the debut of its new site: http://www.almostforeigner.com.

"Live At Deer Creek" update09.05.03
Foreigner's "Live At Deer Creek" DVD, re-issue of the VHS video filmed in 1993, is still not available for release yet. The current release date is unknown. Ben Quon.

New Foreigner DVD09.05.03
According to The Official Foreigner Website, Foreigner has released (September 2) a DVD (only in NTSC format for now) of their 2002 "25th Anniversary" Tour.

"25 All Access Tonight" is a glimpse of the band's life on the road (on stage and behind the scenes). The full-length concert performances include: "Double Vision", "Cold As Ice", "Head Games", "Fool For You Anyway", "That Was Yesterday", "Dirty White Boy", "Feels Like The First Time", "Urgent", "Juke Box Hero", and "Hot Blooded". Also, there is an intro featuring "Long, Long Way From Home" live from House of Blues 1995, and there is a bonus track featuring Mick and Lou performing "I Want To Know What Love Is" with a full symphony orchestra at the "Night Of The Proms" 2002. The off stage scenes include: "Hotel check-in comedy", "Pre-show backstage", "Fan meet & greet", "Sound check", and "Ride the band bus". Also, there are fold out color booklet photographs.

Visit the official site's News section to find out where you can order this product, it doesn't seem available from other sources at this point.

Head Games website09.28.03
Head Games, a Foreigner tribute band out of N.Y.C., play the Tri state area as well as on the road when called out. Visit its website at: http://www.headgamesnyc.com.

Don Mancuso album update09.28.03
According to Don, Lou Gramm will be on four "D:DRIVE" songs, providing lead vocals on three of them and background vocals on one:
  • "Wait Till The Sun Goes Down" (D. Mancuso / L. Gramm)
  • "A Little Outside" (P. Naro / D. Mancuso / L. Gramm)
  • "Your Never Alone" (D. Mancuso / P. Naro / T. Gross / L. Gramm)
  • "Lock Lips" (P. Naro / D. Mancuso) - background vocals
"We've just gotten our first mix of "Wait Till The Sun Goes Down" from engineer, producer and co-writer on two songs Steve Major ... getting very excited after hearing that! Few more tracks to lay down before it's complete ...".

Lou Gramm on new Christian project09.28.03
According to Justin Murr, Lou Gramm will appear on the new Liberty n' Justice album, "Welcome To The Revolution", which is a Christian "All-Star" project that will feature many of your favorite CCM and Christian rock singers as guest vocalists.

Check the little news section in the latest HM Magazine September / October issue #103 on page #14, and visit http://www.3chordrecords.net for all the information and some clips of the album, although they're not the final versions.

Other lead vocalists to take part in the project are: John Schlitt (Petra), Michael Sweet (Stryper), Bob Carlisle, Wes King, Scott Wenzel (White Cross), Jeff Fenholt (TBN / Black Sabbath), Rick Florian (White Heart), Greg X. Volz (Petra), Jamie Rowe (Guardian / London Calling), Dale Thompson (Bride), Mike Roe (77's), Doug Phelps (Kentucky Headhunters), Mitch McVicker, and Paul Q. Pek (One Bad Pig).

4eigner.net II!09.28.03
I'm currently designing 4eigner.net II! The new site, which is in fact the FOREIGNER Rock Band Page version 6, will be completely re-written in XHTML (although it will look a lot like the current one 'cause I didn't find much to improve) with Internet Explorer in mind (instead of Navigator), will have smaller documents and images (so they will load faster), will have accessibility tools for those with disabilities (e.g. blind people) and users of not-PC devices (e.g. WebTV), will have more styles (from the beginning), and will be easier to update (so you will see more action here in the future). Also, the current design will allow me to convert all the content in a single afternoon (so all of the current content will stay on-line). If you don't like anything in the current design, it's time to let me know, please use the Contact section.

Foreigner on VH1's "True Spin"10.23.03
According to Ben Quon, Foreigner's riff rocker, "Double Vision" is one of four classic songs featured on the new VH1 series, "True Spin". Three myths re the meaning of "Double Vision" are discussed along with interviews with Mick Jones, Keith Olsen (who co-produced the album / song along with Mick and Ian McDonald) and others. At the end of the six minute segment, the one and only true "myth" is identified.

The episode was aired last night, but there will be repeat showings later this week, more info at: http://www.vh1.com/shows/dyn/true_spin/69736/episode_this_list.jhtml

"Welcome To The Revolution" update11.07.03
According to Justin Murr, on Sunday Nov. 9th, 3 Chord Records will release four "final mix" soundclips from the Christian all-star project "Welcome To The Revolution" from the band Liberty n' Justice.

The soundclips are from Michael Sweet (Stryper), Ken Tamplin (Shout), Scott Wenzel (White Cross), and Mitch Malloy. There will also be news for the March 20th record release party in East Peoria, IL with Lou Gramm and Bob Carlisle!!!

Come by the website for all the sounds and news http://www.3chordrecords.net

Johnny Edwards on new JK Northrup / Paul Shortino album11.18.03
According to the JK NORTHRUP "All Access Backstage Pass" website, former Foreigner lead vocalist Johnny Edwards will appear on a new JK Northrup / Paul Shortino album, a follow up record for "Back On Track" which was released in 1993. "Northrup / Shortino" is signed to MTM and will feature a few songs co-written by Johnny Edwards who will be doing a duet with Paul. Also, Tommy Denander and Joe Becker will be doing a couple of solos on the CD. Jeff (Northrup) says: "I am more proud of this CD than any of my previous releases. Look for some kick ass rock music with awesome vocals, solos and songs". This album will be released in early 2004.

As an additional note, not related with Johnny Edwards, a 10th anniversary re-issue with four bonus tracks of "Back On Track" is already available at Shire Records.

"Welcome To The Revolution" update12.02.03
According to Justin Murr, on Tuesday, December 16th, 3 Chord Records will release four more "new" final mix soundclips from (1) Lou Gramm, (2) the duet with Harry Hess of Harem Scarem and Mike Roe of the 77's, (3) Mitch McVicker, and (4) Doug Phelps of The Kentucky Headhunters.

Tickets on sale, since December 1st, for the Saturday, March 20th, 2004 record release party in East Peoria, IL. There are three co-headliners, Lou Gramm, Bob Carlisle (the singer / songwriter of Butterfly Kisses), and John Schlitt (current lead-singer of Petra and former lead-singer of Head East), featuring Peoria's own Liberty n' Justice releasing their all-star album "Welcome To The Revolution", with special guests Mitch Malloy, and Jamie Rowe's (of Guardian) new band London Calling. Tickets are being sold at Ticket Master (warning: I'm posting the news but I was unable to find the show at the website, will ask Justin), at local ticketmaster locations or by phone. This is gonna be a great show don't miss this!

The band has added more dates for the "Revolution Live" tour, and it is in the process of looking to book more shows. If you are a promoter, and are interested contact Justin Murr at http://www.3chordrecords.net and he will discuss their new concert co-promote idea, and see about bringing the life changing, "Revolution Tour" to your city... Justin is booking solo speaking / preaching engagements as well, he preaches on topics as "God's Dreams In Your Heart", "Believing In The Unbelievable", and "Revival".

Soon, Justin will add, to his band's website, a pic from their November 17th recording session with Lou Gramm in Rochester, NY at GFI Recording Studios... "It was a honor to see one of the 'best' voices in rock, doing what he does best. Come by the site and check everything out!"


"Welcome To The Revolution" release party12.08.03
Tickets on sale for the Saturday, March 20th, 2004 record release party in East Peoria, IL. There are three co-headliners, Lou Gramm, Bob Carlisle (the singer / songwriter of Butterfly Kisses), and John Schlitt (current lead-singer of Petra and former lead-singer of Head East), featuring Peoria's own Liberty n' Justice releasing their all-star album "Welcome To The Revolution", with special guests Mitch Malloy, and Jamie Rowe's (of Guardian) new band London Calling. Tickets are being sold at http://www.ticketmaster.com/artist/897629, at local Ticketmaster locations or by phone. This is gonna be a great show don't miss this!

Stranger 2.0 the Jam Room - 12/1312.08.03
According to Michael Staertow:

Please join Stranger for "An Evening of Foreigner" as we welcome our new lead vocalist Peter Grammatico to the band - Saturday, Dec. 13th at The Jam Room! Stranger will be "kickin' it up notches unknown to mankind" with the new and improved version 2.0.

Stranger is the definitive tribute to Lou Gramm & Foreigner, sanctioned by the man himself. It doesn't get better than that folks!

Also check out http://www.almostforeigner.com for band news, dates, photos and several multimedia files. Sign the guestbook, let us know what songs you'd like to hear. Even tell us where you like to see Stranger perform!

The Jam Room is located at: 3873 Buffalo Rd. Rochester, NY 14624-1103 (formerly the Buffalo Road House)...


We'll see ya there!!!!

Stranger "An Evening of Foreigner" version 2.0 is:

Peter Grammatico - lead vocals
Michael Staertow - guitar
Andy Knoll - keyboards
Rob Mound - drums
Eric Neu - bass

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The News: Archived News: 2003-203.14.04
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