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The News: Archived News: 2003-111.18.03

This is a collection of news posted on this site during January - April 2003.

Clock live01.20.03
Clock (band formed by former Foreigner drummer Mark Schulman, Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell, guitarist P.J. Smith and bassist Sasha Krivtsov) will be playing at Molly Malone's on Wednesday, January 22nd, 9 p.m., $8.00, 21 and over. Molly Malone's is located at 575 N. Fairfax in Los Angeles, CA. And, courtesy of Mark:

Mark Schulman

21st Century Schizoid Band rehearsals02.05.03
Accordin' to a guestbook entry on the 21st Century Schizoid Band Official Website, former King Crimson lyricist Peter Sinfield says that the 21st Century Schizoid Band, current project of former Foreigner multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald, will be rehearsing in early March prior to gigs in Russia, Italy and Greece. Also, Peter seems to be writting for the band's upcoming album. Ben Quon.

Foreigner fan tribute CD02.05.03
According to the Mr. Moonlight's E-zine (01.30.03), you too can participate in a Foreigner fan tribute CD! Roz & Lia are working on! About it: "Some of us fans are attempting to perform and produce via the internet, Foreigner songs on CD to be distributed amongst ourselves (non-profit of course). The two songs in progress are 'I Want To Know What Love Is' and 'Rain'. We are looking for a fan choir for 'I Want To Know What Love Is'. 'Rain' will (hopefully) have a fan for every couple of lines of lyric. All interpretations and performances of Foreigner material by fans are welcome as well as suggestions for song selections, the fan band name, CD title, cover art, etc." For instructions and the materials needed to participate, head on over to:


Foreigner tribute bands02.05.03
According to the Mr. Moonlight's E-zine (01.30.03), there are many Foreigner tribute bands in formation that need personnel, to find more about it visit the e-zine page.

Lou Gramm on tour (possibly)02.05.03
According to the Mr. Moonlight's E-zine (01.30.03), it seems that Foreigner vocalist Lou Gramm is planning on playing some solo dates independant of the band in 2003. A lineup apart from Lou and Foreigner bassist Bruce Turgon has not yet been determined.

21st Century Schizoid Band drummer02.21.03
According to a diary entry on the Ian Wallace's Official Website, former King Crimson drummer, Ian Wallace, has replaced Michael Giles in the 21st Century Schizoid Band. Now, we can track progress of the band via Ian's diary. Ben Quon.

21st Century Schizoid Band rehearsals update02.21.03
According to the Ian Wallace's Official Website, rehearsals for the new 21CSB lineup of Mel Collins, Peter Giles, Ian McDonald, Ian Wallace and Jakko Jakszyk will begin in London on February 28th, 2003. Tour dates for Russia, Italy and Greece have already been announced and 21CSB management is currently looking into more shows, including the United Kingdom, rest of Europe, United States and Japan. Ben Quon.

21st Century Schizoid Band DVD02.21.03
According to the 21st Century Schizoid Band Official Website, the DVD filmed at the band's second show in Tokyo last November has still not been edited, but we hope this will be rectified shortly. A 5.1 surround sound version of the audio should be completed by the time the band begin rehearsals and a stereo version of the same show is being considered for release as a CD.

3rd Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp02.21.03
The 3rd Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp which will take place in NY June 18th - June 22nd and features such Rock 'n' Roll legends as Roger Daltrey (The Who), Ace Frehley (Kiss), Markie Ramone (The Ramones), Leslie West (Mountain), Simon Kirke (Bad Company), Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple), Mark Rivera (who toured with Foreigner during the '80s), and many more to be announced: http://www.rockandrollfantasycamp.com.

21st Century Schizoid Band rehearsals update, chatboard and reviews02.27.03
Courtesy of special collaborator Ben Quon: specifically, according to Ian Wallace's 2/24/03 diary entry "... Schizoid rehearsals ... are due to start on Thursday ..." (2/27/03). For more on the comings and goings of the 21CSB, check out Ian Wallace's diary at:


Also, this new chatboard appeared on Yahoo recently:


Denny Carmassi on out of print Don Barnes album02.27.03
Ride The Storm
According to Melodic Rock, .38 Special vocalist Don Barnes will feature his out of print 1989 solo album online over the coming months. Titled "Ride The Storm", the album featured the lineup of: Don Barnes (guitars and vocals), the Toto rhythm section of Mike Porcaro (bass) and his late brother Jeff Porcaro (drums), Alan Pasqua (keyboards), Dann Huff (additional guitar), with guests Bill Cuomo, Jesse Harms, and current Foreigner touring drummer Denny Carmassi. Barnes has agreed to start putting some of the music from the project on internet, starting with "Ride The Storm" and a hard-rocking cover version of Chicago's "Feelin' Stronger Every Day". The songs are currently available in Real Audio format, and it's hoped that the rest of the album will be posted as mp3s. To listen to the mentioned songs go to: http://www.scpublicity.com/realaudio/solocd.

Ball last show02.27.03
According to The Official Brian Tichy Website, Ball, band of former Foreigner drummer Brian Tichy, will play at The Knitting Factory (in LA) on Friday, March 7th. The show is the annual party for the motorcycle club "The Lords Of Loyalty" and is open to the public. Ball will be playing its last show as Ball at 10:00 p.m. sharp. Additional details available at Brian's website.

JK Northrup compilation02.27.03
JK Northrup Best Of - Play It On 11
JK Northrup's self-titled album, which features former Foreigner lead vocalist Johnny Edwards, was released in 2001 by Melodic Mayhem Music but now seems to be out of print. However, the song "Ready For The Rain" is still available on JK Northrup's compilation "Best Of: Play It On 11", which was released in 2002 by MTM in Europe.

New Schizoid Band line-up debut03.14.03
The new line-up of the 21st Century Schizoid Band with ex-Foreigner tour drummer, Ian Wallace, on drums debuted on Wednesday, March 12 2003, in St. Petersburg, Russia at DK Lensovet. Ben Quon.

Ian McDonald on new Ian Wallace album03.14.03
While ex-Foreigner member, Ian McDonald, and ex-Foreigner tour drummer, Ian Wallace, currently tour Russia (and then Italy and Greece) as part of the 21st Century Schizoid Band, Ian Wallace has a solo album due out. Get your "Happiness With Minimal Side Effects" now, it will be released on March 21, 2003 but you can pre-order and take advantage of special pricing by visiting Ian Wallace's Official Website: Sounds and clicking on Buy This Album Now. Ian McDonald plays guest flute on a couple of tracks. Ben Quon.

Lou Gramm on tour04.21.03
Melanie Whitefoot have set up a subsite (of Inside Information) with all the information about Lou Gramm's tour 2003, including tour dates and other interesting stuff. It is located at http://www.foreignerfiles.com/lougrammband.

"Ian Boys" working on new material04.21.03
According to a diary entry on the Ian Wallace's Official Website (April 9th), the ex-Foreigner tour drummer tell us: "... I have almost finished copying the musical files from my (solo) album which will mean I can empty the computer in order to start writing for the next album and also for the 21st Century Schizoid Band. I talked to Ian McDonald this week and he's planning to come here (Nashville, Tennessee) around the end of April so we can do some writing ...". Ben Quon.

"Live At Deer Creek" available again04.27.03
According to Melodic Rock, Foreigner's "Live At Deer Creek" video, which was taped on June 19, 1993 in Nobelsville, Indiana (and was out of print for a long period), will be released on DVD by BMG on May 15, 2003. The film features live performances of all the classics plus 1993 interviews with Mick Jones and Lou Gramm. The band are pleased to see this concert come alive again.

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The News: Archived News: 2003-111.18.03
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