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The News: Archived News: 199902.21.03

This is a collection of news posted on this site during 1999.

Mick Jones on new Scorpions album01.XX.99
According to Melodic Rock, Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones recently took part on the recording of the song "10 Light Years Away" providing acoustic guitar. The song is included on the new Scorpions album, "Eye II Eye", which was produced by Peter Wolf.

Foreigner on tour with Journey03.16.99
Foreigner will tour with Journey this US summer in a co-headliner tour that will begin on June 4th. Details available at Journey Website. Vince.

Ron Wikso on new Majic Ship album06.19.99
According to Melodic Rock, former Foreigner drummer Ron Wikso and guitarist Dave Amato (REO Speedwagon, Cher, Richie Sambora, Ted Nugent, and Jimmy Barnes among some others) have produced a CD for a project called Majic Ship at Ron's studio. The CD is apparently a collection of catchy, melodic songs with a lot of harmonies. Some of them are very '60s influenced (Rickenbacker guitars, etc.) and others are a bit more straight ahead rock. There's also a couple acoustic based songs, one sort of psychedelic kind of song. The album covers a fair amount of ground. There are also several guest appearances including: Cher, Mick Taylor and Nicky Hopkins (both formerly of the Rolling Stones), Patty Darcy-Jones (backup singer with Robert Plant, Joe Cocker, and Cher among many others), REO Speedwagon members, bassist Bruce Hall and keyboardist Neal Doughty, and Brett Tuggle (keyboard player with Fleetwood Mac, David Lee Roth, Stevie Nicks, Rick Springfield, and Chris Isaak among some others). And, of course, both producers performed on the album. CD and audio samples are available at www.majicship.com.

Ron Wikso on new Harlan Cage album06.19.99
According to Melodic Rock, former Foreigner drummer Ron Wikso recently played all drum tracks for the new Harlan Cage album.

Ron Wikso and Kevin Valentine on new Firefly album08.06.99
According to Melodic Rock, former Foreigner drummer Ron Wikso and former Shadow King drummer Kevin Valentine participated in the recordings of the new Firefly album. Ron and Ricky Phillips recently did all drum tracks, while Kevin acted as engineer. The band is formed by lead vocalist John Pratt, guitarists Bobby Gilles and John Thomas, and keyboardist Michael Alemania. Also, there will be live strings going on several of the songs, which are being orchestrated by Susie Katayama who has done a lot of arranging for people like: Aerosmith, Alanis Morrisette, Limp Bizkit, Madonna and many others. The album's release is scheduled for Japan on September 22th.

Ian McDonald album update09.XX.99
Drivers Eyes
Former Foreigner multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald recently released in Europe his first solo album titled "Drivers Eyes". Foreigner lead vocalist Lou Gramm is featured on "Straight Back To You", a song he and Ian wrote together many years ago. Other notable collaborations include: Gary Brooker, Steve Hackett, Peter Frampton, and John Waite, among some others. On the album, Ian features lead vocals, keyboards, guitars, and saxophone, among some others duties. Also, the album contains a song co-written by original King Crimson lyricist Peter Sinfield.

Ian McDonald chat10.XX.99
The Artist Shop is re-hosting a chat with former Foreigner multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald on Wednesday, October 27th at 9pm EST. Details on joining this chat can be found on the IRC page at its website. Ian will be taking questions and discussing such topics as his debut solo album "Drivers Eyes" and its impending US release, his recent work with Steve Hackett, and the 30th anniversary edition of the King Crimson album "In The Court Of The Crimson King".

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The News: Archived News: 199902.21.03
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