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The News: Archived News: 199702.21.03

This is a collection of news posted on this site during 1997.

Foreigner on new Tina Arena album02.XX.97
Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones is producing an album from Sony's Australian artist Tina Arena, who is the largest selling female artist in her country, her last album sold over two million copies worldwide. Titled "In Deep", the album will be released in Australia in August, and will contain three songs co-written by Mick: "I Want To Live With You", "Flashback", and a cover of Foreigner's classic "I Want To Know What Love Is". Tina helped Mick write a new bridge to the song and Foreigner lead vocalist Lou Gramm provided backing vocals to the recording. Also, Foreigner keyboardist Jeff Jacobs performed keyboards and piano through the album and co-produced one track with Mick. Details available at: Tina Arena Official Website.

Lou Gramm's health problems04.XX.97
Foreigner lead vocalist Lou Gramm presented some health problems prior to a gig in Japan. The gig was canceled the day before the band was due to fly to that country.

Mark Schulman's new band07.XX.97
According to The Ultimate Def Leppard Web Site, former Foreigner drummer Mark Schulman is working in Los Angeles with Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell in a new project called Clock. The complete lineup of the band includes: Mark on drums (Simple Minds), Vivian on guitar and co-lead vocals (Dio, Shadow King), P.J. Smith (No Sweat, Toe) on keyboards, guitar and co-lead vocals, and Sasha Krivtsov on bass guitar. They have been playing in the L.A. area since early August.

Foreigner's record companies11.29.97
Although internationally Foreigner still with the BMG label, it has no U.S.A. record company. Hard To Handle Management, band's management, is currently working on a deal that could be related with Atlantic Records.

Jeff Jacobs on tour with Tina Arena11.29.97
After Foreigner members, guitarist Mick Jones, lead vocalist Lou Gramm and keyboardist Jeff Jacobs, were involved in the ellaboration of Tina Arena's "In Deep" album around February of this year, Jeff has been touring Australia with Tina as musical director since early November, and the tour will finish in December. Also, the album was released in Australia in August and will be released worldwide early in 1998. Details available at: Tina Arena Official Website.

Jeff Jacobs and Ron Wikso on new Amy album11.29.97
Between November and December of 1996, Foreigner keyboardist Jeff Jacobs wrote, produced and recorded an album for Malaysian recording artist Amy, which is scheduled for release in Southeast Asian countries this December. Jeff played keyboards and guitar on the entire album and Foreigner drummer Ron Wikso played drums for him.

Jeff Jacobs on new Awie album11.29.97
In September 1997, Foreigner keyboardist Jeff Jacobs just completed two new tracks for BMG Malaysia's artist Awie, this album will be released early in 1998 throughout Southeast Asia.

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The News: Archived News: 199702.21.03
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