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The Music: Related Releases: Johnny Edwards Releases07.27.04

This is a list of albums related with former Foreigner lead vocalist Johnny Edwards.

Montrose "Mean"

Mean 1. "Don't Damage The Rock"
2. "Game Of Love"
3. "Pass It On"
4. "Hard Headed Woman"
5. "M For Machine"
6. "Ready Willing And Able"
7. "Man Of The Hour"
8. "Flesh And Blood"
9. "Stand"

© 1987 Enigma Records. Produced by Ronnie Montrose. Engineered by John Francombe. Montrose: guitarist Ronnie Montrose, bassist Glenn Letsch, drummer James Kottak, and lead vocalist Johnny Edwards. Fifth studio album of the band. Although "Mean" is sometimes considered a "solo" album by Ronnie Montrose which was simply released "under" the name Montrose, some of its tracks appeared later on the band's compilation, confirming that this band was, in fact, a new Montrose line-up. However, the new encarnation was unsuccessful, disbanded soon, and the album became out of print.

King Kobra "III"

III 1. "Mean Street Machine"
2. "Take It Off"
3. "Walls Of Silence"
4. "Legends Never Die"
5. "Redline"
6. "Burning In Her Fire"
7. "Perfect Crime"
8. "It's My Life"
9. "#1"

© 1988 Rocker Records / New Renaissance Records. Produced by Carmine Appice. Engineered by Alex Woltman. King Kobra: drummer Carmine Appice, guitarists David Michael Philips and Jeff Northrup, lead vocalist Johnny Edwards, and bassist Larry Hart. Thirth studio album of the band. Notable appearances: former Kiss drummer Peter Criss who provided background vocals on "Take It Off", and the band's original bassist Johnny Rod (W.A.S.P.) who provided background vocals on the entire album. "Legends Never Die" was written by Gene Simmons and Adam Mitchell. "It's My Life", written by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, was originally recorded by Kiss in 1982, and although that recording remains unreleased they re-recorded it in 1998 and released it in 2001. This King Kobra line-up was a re-formation which became the band Northrup after Appice (the band's leader) joined Blue Murder and Philips joined Geronimo. This album is out of print.

King Kobra "The Lost Years"

The Lost Years 1. "Mean Street Machine"
2. "Fool In The Rain"
3. "Young Hearts Survive"
4. "Your Love's A Sin"
5. "#1"
6. "Walls Of Silence"
7. "Lonely Nites"
8. "Redline"
9. "Perfect Crime"
10. "Overnite Love Affair"
11. "Poor Boy (You Are My Life)"

© 1999 Cleopatra Records / Deadline Music. First studio compilation which features six previously unreleased demos recorded by different line-ups of the band through 1983 and 1988, and five songs taken from the out-of-print "III", album recorded with Johnny Edwards on lead vocals. Notable appearances: the band's original lead vocalist Mark Free on tracks 2,3,7,10 & 11, and former band's lead vocalist Marq Torien on "Your Love's A Sin".

Montrose "The Very Best Of"

The Very Best Of 1. "Rock The Nation"
2. "Bad Motor Scooter"
3. "Space Station No. 5"
4. "Rock Candy"
5. "I Got The Fire"
6. "Spaceage Sacrifice"
7. "We're Going Home"
8. "Paper Money"
9. "All I Need"
10. "Twenty Flight Rock"
11. "Clown Woman"
12. "Dancing Feet"
13. "Let's Go"
14. "Jump On It"
15. "Music Man"
16. "M For Machine"
17. "Stand"
18. "Ready Willing And Able"

© 2000 Rhino Records. First studio compilation which features tracks from the five releases of the band: "Montrose" (1973) and "Paper Money" (1974) with current Van Halen lead vocalist Sammy Hagar, "Warner Bros. Presents" (1975) and "Jump On It" (1976) with Bob James on vocals, and "Mean" (1987) with Johnny Edwards (tracks 16-18). Notable appearances: bassist and keyboardist Alan Fitzgerald (Night Ranger, Gamma) on tracks 5-12, drummer Denny Carmassi (Sammy Hagar, Gamma, Heart and Foreigner) on tracks 1-15, and drummer James Kottak (Kingdom Come, Warrant, Scorpions) on tracks 16-18. In the late '90s, Kottak was part of the bands Cage and Black Sheep, along with JK Northrup.

JK Northrup "JK Northrup"

JK Northrup 1. "Fire And Water"
2. "Sheila"
3. "Fat City"
4. "Ready For The Rain"
5. "She's Waiting"
6. "The Kid Is Back In Town"
7. "Candy Apple Red"
8. "Outside Looking In"
9. "Survival In The Streets"
10. "I.M.N.U."
11. "The West"

© 2001 Melodic Mayhem Music.  Produced by JK Northrup and Johnny Edwards. "Survival In The Streets" produced by Ronnie Montrose. Northrup: guitarist JK Northrup, lead vocalist Johnny Edwards, bassist Larry Hart, and drummer Glenn Hicks. First "solo" album, although it is really a collection of demos recorded between 1988 and 1990 by the band Northrup, and released as JK Northrup (Jeff K. Northrup) debut solo album. The track "Ready For The Rain" is the original version of the Foreigner song included on the "Unusual Heat" album. "I.M.N.U.", not one of the demos, is an instrumental track completely recorded by Jeff (guitar, bass and drums) which was originally included on the double CD "Warmth In The Wilderness Volume II: A Tribute To Jason Becker" (2001), of which the proceeds go to the afflicted hard rock guitarist, former member of the band Cacophony in the late '80s.

JK Northrup "Best Of: Play It On 11"

Best Of - Play It On 11 1. "Where There's Smoke" (lead vocals by Paul Shortino)
2. "Rough Life" (lead vocals by Paul Shortino)
3. "Walk On Water" (lead vocals by Terry Ilous)
4. "Here And Gone" (lead vocals by Terry Ilous)
5. "Remember Me" (instrumental)
6. "The Kid Is Back In Town" (lead vocals by Paul Shortino)
7. "Ready For The Rain" (lead vocals by Johnny Edwards)
8. "I.M.N.U." (instrumental)
9. "Bye Bye To Love" (lead vocals by Paul Shortino)
10. "Girls Like You" (lead vocals by Paul Shortino)
11. "Minds Eye" (lead vocals by Terry Ilous)
12. "My Shell" (lead vocals by Terry Ilous)
13. "Dancin' Feet" (lead vocals by Johnny Edwards)
14. "Where You Belong" (lead vocals by Johnny Edwards)
15. "Used To Be" (lead vocals by Paul Shortino)

© 2002 MTM Music München in Germany, distribuited by other parties in other countries. Produced by Jeff Northrup, Ronnie Montrose, and Johnny Edwards. Jeff K. Northrup features guitar, sitar, keyboards and background vocals. Notable appearances: lead vocalists Johnny Edwards (Montrose), Paul Shortino (Quiet Riot) and Terry Ilous (XYZ), and drummers Carmine Appice (King Kobra), Vinnie Appice (Black Sabbath) and James Kottak (Montrose). This first JK Northrup compilation features tracks from some Jeff's previous projects, including Shortino / Northrup's "Back On Track" (1993), Cage's self-titled album (1996), and, of course, "Ready For The Rain" from the JK Northrup self-titled album (recorded in the late '80s and released in 2001). "The Kid Is Back In Town" is a version with Paul, not with Johnny. The last three tracks were previously unreleased.

The Music: Related Releases: Johnny Edwards Releases07.27.04
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