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The Links: Related Links12.02.03

These are links to sites devoted to current and former Foreigner members and related bands and artists. To add a site or to change the information already posted use the Link Exchange section.

The Official Mick Jones Web Site
The official web site of Foreigner founder and lead guitarist Mick Jones, emphasizing Foreigner as well as Mick's early career and other accomplishments. Includes Foreigner, Foreigner Fans, and Foreigner's music publishing company, Somerset Songs Publishing.


Lou Gramm: The Shadow King Of Rock
Website devoted to Foreigner lead vocalist Lou Gramm.


Jammin' Planet: JP Team: Mark Schulman
Biography of Foreigner drummer Mark Schulman at Jammin' Planet Entertainment.


Brian Tichy.com
Official website of former Foreigner drummer Brian Tichy and his band Ball.


Internet ArtResources: Artists: Dennis Elliott
Biography of former Foreigner drummer Dennis Elliott at ArtResources.


Inside Information: Shadow King
A sub-web devoted to the band Shadow King, containing current Foreigner members Lou Gramm and Bruce Turgon.


U.K.'s only Foreigner tribute band, Foreigner4 are now playing all across the U.K.


Elephant Talk: The Robert Fripp and King Crimson Web Site
Home of the Internet newsletter for Robert Fripp and King Crimson enthusiasts!


The Greatest Band In The Universe!
The complete history of King Crimson by Steven W. Sthole.


Joe Lynn Turner Official Homepage!
Joe Lynn Turner worked with Al Greenwood in the middle of the 80's, provided lead and background vocals on the Mick Jones solo album, and late in the 90's released an EP titled "Waiting For A Girl Like You", which features a cover of the Foreigner song.


Ron Wikso Website
Designed and maintained by Ron himself, this website features everything one can ask for. Obviously, the most complete coverage about him. Very interesting!


Majic Ship Website
The official site of Majic Ship features all you need to know about their last album "Songwaves Project", co-produced, engineered, mixed and arranged by Ron Wikso, who also performed drums, percussion and piano on the entire album.


MP3.com - Majic Ship
The music of Majic Ship at MP3.Com.


The Storm World Wide Web Page
Excellent website devoted to The Storm, current band of Ron Wikso.


The Free - Bad Company - Paul Rodgers fan web site. Bad Company is the current band of former Foreigner bass player Rick Wills.


Midnight Blue... Angela's tribute to Lou Gramm05.21.01
A website dedicated to Lou, and to all those that love him.


The Musicians' Olympus: Rick Wills Biography05.21.01
Biography of former Foreigner bass player Rick Wills at The Musicians' Olympus.


The Official Bad Company Website05.21.01
Official website of former band of former Foreigner bass player Rick Wills.


Clock's Official Website04.24.02
A very complete site devoted to Mark Schulman's band Clock.


21st Century Schizoid Band's Official Website09.15.02
A site devoted to Ian McDonald's band 21st Century Schizoid Band, includes band and band members biographies, tour dates, merchandise and more.


John Kalodner - The Official Site05.30.03
Everything about Foreigner's mentor.


The Official Site Of The Lou Gramm Tour 200311.07.01
All about Lou Gramm's band.


The Official Web Site Of Don Mancuso11.07.01
All about former Black Sheep guitarist.


Stranger website11.07.01
Foreigner tribute band's website.


Head Games website11.07.01
Foreigner tribute band's website.


JK NORTHRUP "All Access Backstage Pass"11.18.01
Guitarist JK Northrup's official website. Jeff, friend of former Foreigner lead vocalist Johnny Edwards, still releases songs featuring Johnny.


GreatRingtones Page for Foreigner fans12.02.01
Personalize your nokia mobile phone with Foreigner ringtones and logos. Ringtones: "I Want To Know What Love Is". Polyphonic Ringtones: "I Want To Know What Love Is" and "Waiting For A Girl Like You". Also available: phone logo and picture message. Please note that I do not profit from this link, I just thought that it would be interesting.


The Links: Related Links12.02.03
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