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The Fans: Stories: Stories Page 703.26.04

The first part of it begins with my birth. My mom loves to go with the story that I was born under a prophecy because me and my favorite Foreigner album "Agent Provocatuer" came out in one and the same year. She says that the first thing I must have heard back then is "I Want To Know What Love Is". This explains it all. I am 19 years old now. I had not heard of Foreigner until April 2002. I remembered the band, I was so desparate to hear them, any song. I thought I had absolutely no cnance to find their tracks. Then they played an add, featuring "I Want To Know What Love Is". That was it! "Enough! I'll find them even if I have to search the world!" And exactly as my birthday prophecy I happened to travel with a teacher of mine. I thought it would be a terrible journey. He played a track. It was very familiar to me. I was sure I have heard it before and it sounded so much like Lou's voice... and that special guitar... No, this can't be, it can't be them... Oh, my God! "Double Vision" live! He had all their albums! And I had the prophecy fulfilled - I am a Foreigner fan forever!

Elvira Radoncic06.11.03
I might be the youngest fan out there besides my 12 year old brother. Anyway I just absolutely go nuts whenever I hear their music. I'm 20 years old but I don't care, I hope their music never dies and I hope that I get to see them in concert sometime soon. Everytime I play their music it makes me want to pick up a guitar and just jam and start going nuts with them. All time favorite of mine have to be of course "Juke Box Hero", "Heart Turns To Stone" and "Urgent". My mom got us hooked their music. She came to the USA I think in the late '70s and to this day plays their songs all the time. Lou's voice is unbelievable I would give anything to meet or hear him sing in concert. I don't care, maybe I was born in the wrong era or whatever but you guys will always rock and be the best in my eyes!!! I love you Lou and Mick, I hope to see you guys somewhere in New York soon PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! Lou big kisses and much love and thank God you've had a good recovery!!! I love your music and I love the way your lyrics make me smile no matter how many times I hear the song over!!!! Love always, a lifetime fan here in New York City, Elvira!!

Foreigner is an awesome band! My dad got me into them, he bought the album and we listened to it in the car a lot, and as soon as I heard tunes like "Dirty White Boy", "Juke Box hero", "Cold As Ice", "Hot Blodded" and others I was instantly a fan. Well, they came to my town of Watertown to the fair so my best friend bought me a ticket to see them. Me and him had the time of our lives... Foreigner's music ROCKS!!!!

John Lynch09.28.03
I was 12 and listening to The Monkees too much. My brother came in my room and threw a cassette in my hands. It was Foreigner "4". I was hooked. I went out and bought everything I could find, including bootlegs. I have some rare versions of songs and five versions of "Reaction To Action". Although I mainly prefer to listen to metal, Foreigner will always be my favorite band. (Even though I think Shadow King was Lou Gramm's best work!) Let's not forget Montrose's Johnny Edwards contribution to the band; "Unusual Heat" was a great album as well; very Lou Gramm-ish... not an easy feat. I'm still looking forward for some new studio work since "Mr. Moonlight". Anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

I'm a girl who was born in the late 80s. And guess what? In the year 2003, I became a Foreigner fan! Let me tell you my story...

I have this game, called Grand Theft Auto : Vice City. It's a game based in the 80s, and has all these great 80s tunes that I love to listen to, unbelievably (I'm a HUGE fan of 80s music) suddenly, the song "Waiting For A Girl Like You" came on and that was it, I was an instant fan of the strength in their voices and the way the instruments just fitted into their songs like a hand in a glove. A glove for all sizes. What am I talking about? lol. Anyway, whatever happened to me, I am a huge Foreigner fan from now on and forever. I adore their music, my favourites being "Until The End Of Time", "Cold As Ice", "Blinded By Science", "That Was Yesterday" and many, many more. Thank you Foreigner, your talent will always hold a huge place in my heart!!

I have been a fan of Foreigner since 1985. There was a certain ballad that hit the airwaves right around Christmastime of 1984. This song which got me hooked was "I Want To Know What Love Is." Everytime that song came on the radio, I HAD to listen to it. Yes, it was a ballad that many say turned the image of the band to "soft", but it had those hard-rock undertones (the heavy cymbals at the beginning, the "looming" 5-tone keyboard notes, and just the emotional power. I bought the album that spawned it, "Agent Provocateur," and the rest, as they say, is history. Then I went crazy and bought all the previous albums to find a band that evolved quite a bit, and had some HARD ROCKING tunes! And the vocals of Lou Gramm - need I say more? I had the good fortune of meeting the band for the first time in 1995. Too long a story to type here, but what a thrill. Hope to hear more new music from them down the line.

Being a classic 70's rocker, I always admired Foreigner and was so proud of Lou and Bruce, being from my hometown ~ I remember my older sister would go out to see Black Sheep and I didn't have a clue what or who they were since it was before my bar cruisin' times!

I just recently saw Lou's solo here in Rochester at Water Street and it was awesome! The band was tight and Lou was shining! I had a great time and would really like some Black Sheep music, so for anyone who knows... send me a link to purchase them! I couldn't find them anywhere online.

Peace out :o)

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The Fans: Stories: Stories Page 703.26.04
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