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Kerri and Gene05.11.01
We have been Foreigner fans from day 1, however we didn't get to see Foreigner live until 1995. Foreigner sang our wedding song "Until The End Of Time" to us at a show shortlty after we were married in 1996. It was such a rush!!! 40 minutes into the set, Lou picked up the mic and said "This is for Kerri and Gene", and they sang "Until The End Of Time". I don't know of any couple who has had their wedding song sung to them by the band that wrote and recorded it. For more info on our Foreigner story, check out About The Jukebox Hero at my website: http://www.geocities.com/jukbxhro15/JBH.html. You can sign my guestbook to let me know you were there. Thanks. FOREIGNER ROCKS!!!!!

Paul Treanor07.20.01
I was living in Ireland with my Mum and Dad, all they'd me listen to was Gaelic folk music, then one day I heard "I Want To Know What Love Is" and as it was as if they were singing to me. I've never looked back. Today, 16 years on I am in a Foreigner tribute band. Come and see us some time in the London pub scene, we are called Almost Foreigner.

Mike K04.24.02
Foreigner was the very first band I really got into when I was a teen in the 1970's. Ultimately, when I got married in 1989, our wedding song was "I Don't Want To Live Without You". What more do I need to say?

I got into Foreigner when my parents bought one of their cd's. I am a huge classic hard rock fan, and Foreigner is one of my favorite groups. Of all the bands out of the late 70's, Foreigner is the stand-out best. They are heavy, and can play ballads too. Foreigner is the best band I have seen in concert, and I have seen some of the greats (Aerosmith, Deep Purple, KISS, etc). Foreigner rocks!!!!!

Miguelángel H. Duarte01.20.03
Hi.... I'm very happy & fine....;) I live in Estado de México, México, in Tlalnepantla, near to MundoE! I attended my first Foreigner concert during the "Unusual Heat" tour on Monday 09/16/1991, 20:30 hrs. My favorite songs from that concert were "Only Heaven Knows", "Lowdown And Dirty", "I'll Fight For You", "Moment Of Truth", "Unusual Heat", "Heart Turns To Stone", "Head Games", "Dirty White Boy", "Hot Blooded", etc. The vocalist is an excellent rocker (Johnny Edwards), thank you!

My second Foreigner concert became one of my favorites too! This time I attended the "Mr. Moonlight" tour on Wednesday 06/07/1995, 20:30 hrs. My favorite songs were "White Lie", "Rain", "Until The End Of Time", "All I Need To Know", "I Want To Know What Love Is", "That Was Yesterday", "Urgent", "Waiting For A Girl Like You", "Juke Box Hero", "Double Vision", "Blue Morning, Blue Day", "Long, Long Way From Home", "Cold As Ice", "Feels Like The First Time", etc. The original vocalist is an excellent balladist and the best with the band classics, thank you!

And I attended my last concert during the recent "25th Anniversary" tour, on Thursday 09/05/2002, 20:30 hrs. This concert was the first time my hearing aids worked very good, the sound was excellent, thank you! This concert had very classic music and very nostalgic ballads.

The cd album "The Definitive" is great.... it contains the classic songs "Feels Like The First Time", "Cold As Ice", "Double Vision", "Hot Blooded", "Dirty White Boy", "Urgent", "Juke Box Hero", "Waiting For A Girl Like You", "I Want To Know What Love Is", "That Was Yesterday", "Heart Turns To Stone", "Say You Will", "Soul Doctor", "White Lie", etc. All they are great classics. Thank you band, see you later, good bye and happy birthday. Mitchellangelo.

Brittany Low01.20.03
I grew up listening to Foreigner. I remember my mom telling me when she very first heard them. It was when my aunt came home and had her listen to them. She said from then on she listened to them. My older brother is one of the biggest fans. I mean if he can get a ticket to a Foreigner concert he's there. I really realized that he was a true Foreigner fan in August of 2002 when we went to Reno Nevada and saw them in concert at the Reno Hilton. We had front row seats and when I looked over at him he was in aww. He was the happiest man in the world, to me he looked like a kid in a candy store. You know I've only had one wish in my head since then and that is to just get something for him that is great, something so great that he would never forget it. It may seem so impossible but I just really want to somehow make it to where he could meet Foreigner face to face. I know it would be the biggest most greatest thing to him in the world but mostly it would be the greatest thing in the world to me because it would make my brother happy and to see my brother happy is the best thing in the world to me. I love my brother so much I would do anything to get him to meet Foreigner. It would just be the best thing anyones ever got.

Chris Goodin01.20.03
I was at a party one night and one of my buddies had this album on and it was playing the vocals of one of the most dynamic voices I have ever heard. I commented to him what a great album it was and he gave it to me. From that day on, I've managed to collect most of the band's albums and most of Lou's solo stuff. I am anxiously awaiting the release of their new album in the spring.

Well, to be quite honest I am a late Foreigner fan. I'm only sixteen and I am stuck in the '80s. People think I'm crazy but that's okay! Anyway, I'd just like to say that Foreigner is one of my all time favorite bands. I really love Lou Gramm, he is such a hottie! Especially back in the late '70s and early '80s, but he still is a cutie! His nice curly blond hair and baby blue eyes... *sighs* They make me melt like butter! Okay! Okay! Before I get lost in a day dream here! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention his remarkably powerful yet sweet voice. That was really the first thing that appealed to me with Foreigner. I'm starting to collect all their alblums now. Well I'd best be going and if you read this Lou... I LOVE YOU!!!!! YOU'RE THE HOTTEST GUY IN THE WORLD!!!! AND WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T STOP ROCKIN'!!!

LJ Fullerton04.21.03
I have been a Foreigner fan since day one when Lou joined the band. I have known him for 47 years. He was the first person I saw after my brain surgery when I woke up in the ICU. He was there with my dad and his dad. He gave me a very cool T-shirt to take home from the hospital. Told him if he ever needed a good neurosurgeon that my doctor was the best. Little did I know at the time, since my surgery was a few months before his, that it was an omen of things to come for him... Unfortunately I have not recovered as well as he has. You can read the rest of my story at:

Alberta Grimm05.01.03
There is a lot to say about Foreigner that nobody can ever change in life because they do a marvelous job at putting the lyrics to the songs that touch many hearts young and not so old, even the seniors citizens love the band's music and the beautiful lyrics to all the music and my point of view is I hope that they never stop doing what they are accomplishing with their sweet melody songs and they have special heart meaning to all of the songs that they record or hardly no one would ever buy them from the stores, fellows keep on making that wonderful beautiful music I really can't ever get enough of it. Thank you sincerely, your's devoted fan.

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The Fans: Stories: Stories Page 605.01.03
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