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Adrian GreenXX.XX.XX
I am only 21 (younger than the band!!). But one day whilst listening to a compilation tape of my brother's I heard "Waiting For A Girl Like You". Still to this day the best song they ever did. All their suff is amazingly good though. I bought "Records", then "Agent Provocateur", then "Mr. Moonlight" (after seeing them at Wembley stadium in '95 - they were awesome). Now I have all their stuff, apart from this elusive "Crash And Burn".

Danny MonroeXX.XX.XX
I've been a fan of Foreigner since 1977 all I can say is Lou Gramm sure can belt-out them old heartbreakers and Mick Jones sure can crank on that axe!!!! See ya guys July 6th in Tampa!!!! Hope ya do most of your tunes from "Mr. Moonlight"!!!! Excellent C.D.!!! Even if it look's like rain I'm gonna keep my hand on my heart and keep hopin and prayin baby 'cause I still believe in love!!!!!!!! Love you guy's!!! Danny Monroe.

I've always been a Foreigner fan. A friend of mine and I went to Sparks, NV to see them in concert. After the show, Melanie gave us backstage passes to meet them. So we went back there, met the guys, got their autographs, shook their hands, and chatted. Since that night, my life has never been the same. Hopefully, I'll be able to see them again soon. May the good Lord bless you all!

Lena BeauchesneXX.XX.XX
My first love of Foreigner was when I was 16, and "Starrider" came out I loved the song and then I heard "Headknocker" and I was hooked. I am from Greenfield Massachusetts and I think that it is great that the band is back touring again. It's great to get out to see one of the concerts that I always wanted to go to. I went to Hartford with a friend just to seem my 2 favorite bands in concert and believe me it definetly was worth it all of it. I believe that it was destined that you would always be "Juke Box Heros".

Ombretta PistarāXX.XX.XX
Hello everyone! I'm Ombretta a huge Foreigner Italian fan, and I think to be the only one here in my country because since I started to follow Foreigner I've never found a fan, so I'm looking for fans and friends from all around the world. Unfortunately I've never met Foreigner, but when will start the new world tour I'll do everything to make this dream come true. I would like to know other people who like me love this great band to talk about the band, the concerts, records and everything about Lou, Mick, Jeff, Bruce... and if you want to trade our stuff. Thanks in advance to everyone, and thanx to Foreigner for their great music. Take care.

Ombretta Pistarā
Via A. Zanette, 17
00143 Rome -Italy-

I love this group. I can't believe I just turned 50 and there is not a week that goes by I've got their music cranked on high.   Over the years I've seen them live whenever they came to Atlanta but this past month July 15th, 1999 the group played at Chastain Amphitheater along with the group Journey. What a rockin nite that was and when Lou talked about a new album, in my brain I was thinking of their next tour. What ever happens they can still put on one rockin' show. Journey was good too even without Steve Perry. Two great sounds in one nite. AWESOME!!!

Jose Franci (Pepe)XX.XX.XX
I just want to say that Foreigner became one of my favorite groups. The first song I heard was "I Want To Know What Love Is" and I really enjoy it. Since that I became a Foreigner fan and the first record I bought was "The Very Best And Beyond", and then "4", "Agent Provocateur", "Head Games", "Unusual Heat", "Mr. Moonlight", "Double Vision", etc... Foreigner without Lou or Mick does no exist. To get a Foreigner record in my country is difficult because they are not available at local record stores. It's a shame. Well, to finish what I want to say, FOREIGNER FOREVER!!!!! Don't give up guys.

I love Foreigner, they are so great I've gone out and paid almost 400 pounds for a complete set of their earliest records such as "4" and "Cold As Ice" Special Edition of which there was only 250 ever made and the original is with their ex manager Bud Prager! I will always find time to listen to their music, for my favourite song is "Waiting For A Girl Like You" by far. If anybody has any photo's or posters they would like to send me please feel free to my email address provided!

Panama ChuckXX.XX.XX
The last time Foreigner came to Florida, I was there. I sat in the ninth row back. The people in the first row were standing up, rocking with the great sounds of Foreigner. I too was standing, as the beat and words touched my soul. Everyone between us was sitting, and listening. I thought "how can anyone just sit with the rock of Foreigner ?" Lou looked over at me, as I stood out in the crowd. I wear a Panama Jack hat, so I touched it's brim, and said thank-you as I did. Lou kept sining, but smiled and winked, showing he saw how I felt. Now I hope to protray Lou, and Foreigner on the TV show "Your Big Break". I hope to do the song, "I Want To Know What Love Is". I need a picture of Lou to prepare a wig for my performance. If anyone has a picture you could e-mail me, I would very much appricate.

My older sister brought home their first album and Lou's voice just mesmerized my very soul. As my Foreigner collection grew, so did my love for the band and its various members. I admit I've strayed from the Foreigner fold a couple of times, but the guys always manage to bring me back with their lyrics, Mick's riffs and their rockin' onstage presence. So here I am more than 20 years later still mesmerized by Lou's voice and still rocking to their tunes. Thanks for the memories and the music, guys!

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The Fans: Stories: Stories Page 501.22.01
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