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I was 15 when Foreigner first appeared. I loved them, but never was able to see them in concert. That is until this past August ('98) in Denver. They are still awesome (even with different members). It brought back a lot of memories of my growing up, old girlfriends, the great parties we had. One night in August, I was 15 again.

I like all the albums of Foreigner.

My ex boyfriend got me hooked and I have been hooked ever since. I started listening one night while I was stoned and when I sobered up I was an even bigger fan.  I have all there albums and most of their tapes. Their music really rocks!

Miss LiaXX.XX.XX
My story is unusual at best. I was 19 when I heard one of Lou's solo songs. It was from "Long Hard Look" and that album is not so popular anymore, and as I understand it, out of print. Having listened to Christian music for so long, God impressed something on my heart that I should pray for the band. And so I did. It took a lot of patience on my part, but I was stoked to hear that Lou Gramm is now a believer in Christ. I hope the rest will follow suit. I'm looking forward to seeing them either in Fresno, Visalia, or the surrounding areas in California's San Joaquin Valley. I'm looking forward to hearing "I Want To Know What Love Is", on account that I had an interesting spiritual experience while the song was playing. Feel free to write me back if you want to tell me about it. I was in my late teens when I started listening to Foreigner, but at the time, they were sort of a "dead band". I can't say that anymore, seeing that the WWW has made them just a little more popular. I prayed for Lou's salvation for years, and the Lord was very patient even when I wasn't. I'm a true believer in what He has done. Many of the songs of late have been truly inspiring. Miss Lia.

Ombretta PistarāXX.XX.XX
Hello Everyone!!! I'm Obretta a huge Foreigner Italian fan. I'm 27 years old and I live in Rome, I'm writing on this page because I want to know some Foreigner fans, because here in my country I don't know anyone who love or listen this fantastic band, I feel so alone. Can anybody help me? Thank you to everyone and a special thank to Foreigner (Foreigner in special way!) for their great music. I hope to meet all the band in future in my country. Keep on Rockin', Ombretta.

Ombretta Pistarā
Via A. Zanette, 17
00143 Rome -Italy-

I have been listening to Foreigner since the 70's. My older sister had a K-tel album (some of you may remember those multi-artist albums!) that included "Blue Morning, Blue Day". I was about six years old but I was hooked! I am now 29 and I am still a die-hard fan! I believe that Lou Gramm has one of the greatest voices in rock history. I did not see Foreigner live until the mid-90's, but I did see Lou Gramm perform as a solo artist in the late 80's. About two hours before the show a series of thunderstorms and tornadoes rolled through my area. I made all of my friends get in the car anyway and we left for the show. While driving to the show in pretty bad weather we were listening to radio reports of tornadoes touching down, etc. but I was determined NOT to miss Lou Gramm! About 45 minutes before the show started the skies cleared and it was a beautiful night. My friends thought I was crazy but they admired my devotion!

Nik Nelson and Joe BianchiXX.XX.XX
Hey now from Austin, Mn, I really like Foreigner because they're so awesome and cool. Whenever Nik or I hear "I Want To Know What Love Is" on the radio we get so excited that the favorite songs of ours is playing and we might as well jump for joy when we hear it anywhere. Just this last month the Austin Postion and Movement went up north to Hibbing for a weekend and just as we're headed through downtown St. Paul we heard it on WLTE going up and coming home north of Moose Lake when we heard it on Duluth lite and that was excellent and when we were back from Hibbing we heard it on Stewartville and it made us feel so good to hear "I Want To Know What Love Is". Of Course! Foreigner is so cool!

NIK NELSON and Joe Bianchi.

I really love Foreigner, and I'd like to thank you Mick, Lou and all the band for all. Thank you to help me with your fantastic music every time. Thank you! Starrider.

Tim VanceXX.XX.XX
This story started back in 1977, a friend of mine and I was playing pinball in this restautant one day and "Feels Like The First Time" came over the air waves and I thought that sounded pretty cool! I would here it on the Chicago radio stations and was going to find out who the band was and then "Cold As Ice" started to play on the air and that sounded just as cool and when I found out it was the same band, I immediately bought the 45's (cheap me). Three years later a co-worker was playing the "Head Games" cassette in his car on our lunch break and when I found out it was Foreigner, I went ahead and bought the first three albums and was hooked! The first concert was late 1981 and the place was packed! The Rosemont sound system stunk but it was still a thrill for me. The second time was in 1993 and Black Crow was opening for them and the people were coming in when Black Crow was done with their set, and then it was "Lights, camera, action" and a lot of fun, I took my younger sister to it and she really enjoyed it. Last year was my 3rd time and it was at the Illinois state fair and Ted Nugent opened for them and it was a great concert to see, I also liked Ted and it was pretty cool to see them both, and so I'm almost 40 and they are still rockin', that's all I ask, thanks for listening!

Juke Box HeroXX.XX.XX
I have been a Foreigner fan from the beginning. There is no other band in the world that I can relate to like Foreigner. Their lyrics have so much power and I can relate to most of the songs. The hard driving rock and roll really moves me. "Until The End Of Time" was our wedding song which was actually sung to us by the band at a show in 1996. I had written the venue to ask them to ask the band to sing that song. To make a long story short, 40 minutes into their set, Lou picked up the mike and said "THIS IS FOR KERRI AND GENE", and the band performed "Until The End Of Time"!! what a rush that was. We have seen Foreigner 8 times not counting 2 sound checks. As a matter of fact, we have seen them 5 times this year, being able to chat and take pictures with them 4 times. Lou was kind enough to take a picture with us while rushing through the hotel lobby in las vegas on his way to catch a flight. We were so gracious. These guys are very special to us and like I said earlier! There is no other band I'd rather follow. Thank you Foreigner for the greatest summer of all. Keep on rockin cause FOREIGNER ROCKS!!!!!!

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The Fans: Stories: Stories Page 401.22.01
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