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Nik NelsonXX.XX.XX
I think Foreigner is the best band that I know and I think people should want to know what love is. Because I still like to know what love is Ha! Nik Nelson.

Trenton LeeXX.XX.XX
I began as a Foreigner fan when my mom allowed me to play her "Foreigner" LP for "The First Time". Ever since, I have been hooked on Foreigner. I really enjoyed "The Very Best And Beyond" CD, it is one of their best CD's.

Gosh where do I begin, growing up in the 70's and 80's was the good ole days, I becamme a Foreigner fan big time during my high school years and have remained for 20 years now. I remember being such a fan that I followed them around the midwest Milwaukee, Madison and down to Rockford and Chicago, I was addicted to them and seen them as often as they played this area. They RULE still to this day. I still have all of the pins and T-shirts purchased at those concerts and cherish them to this day. Thanks guys for the great music over the years. God Bless you and yours.

Frances J. ZizzoXX.XX.XX
I've loved Foreigner for years--especially "I Want To Know What Love Is" and "Head Games". As a fellow musician and newly found Christian (go Lou!!) I can really appreciate how Foreigner rocks big time. Their music has been a big source of hope and inspiration for me through the good times and bad. I think my all time favorite song has to be "Feels Like The First Time". Frances.

Kyle ObergfellXX.XX.XX
I remember "Head Games" the best, and it still is my favorite. The year that came out was also the year of the Car's candy-o if I'm not mistaken. The record was played on a local station in it's entirety, and I was 13 years old. I still have the record for sentimental reasons. I grew up with that sound, it's a gem of a record. There's only a handful of records that can affect me personally the way that record did and still does when I listen to it. I'll always love it.

Chris TrembathXX.XX.XX
I remember hearing Foreigner's "Cold As Ice" for the first time on 770 WABC AM in New York (before it became Talk Radio). I had built a small crystal radio from an electronics kit and 770 was about the only station it would receive. The song came on and I instantly fell in love! The combination of the background vocals and piano motif was incredible! The next year, on what was WPLJ FM in New York, I heard "Double Vision" while tooling around with an old Lafayette stereo in my father's workshop. Again fell in love! The arpeggio keyboard riff was entrancing! From those days as an 11 year old on, I've enjoyed Foreigner's music, right up to their most current effort, "Mr. Moonlight". Foreigner has highlighted numerous events in my life and continues to do so. My heart felt thanks to the band. I wish them many years of success!

Martín DávilaXX.XX.XX
I don't remember exactly the date when I heard for first time to Foreigner band, but I remember exactly the first song "Waiting For A Girl Like You". Since then I'm fan of Foreigner, I have the albums, "Double Vision", "4" and "Agent Provocateur" and I whish to obtain all of the remaining albums.

It's really disappointing when you don't hear such music like Foreigner's being made anymore, it's sad to think that this music is dead (according to some) but I don't really care for their opinions anyway. I have "The Very Best And Beyond" and it is the only tape from Foreigner I'll ever need. Great songs from "Inside Information" too. I find this kind of music is more easier to listen too and much more tolerable than the garbage that is being played today.

I met Lou Gramm, there are no words... I will never be the same again.

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The Fans: Stories: Stories Page 301.22.01
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