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Hi... I discover the band by accident! I take some tape from a friend and inside there was "4"!!! I listen to it and become a fan! But it is not easy to find CD from them in France. What can I say? The first time I heard them it was "I Want To Know What Love Is", on the radio... I just remember the voice!!!!!!!! did not know who it was... after I heard the tape... This music make me feel something deep inside! I love their songs! Peggy, France.

Cara SmithXX.XX.XX
I'm now 19 years old and my parents listen to all the good oldies, Foreigner's included. I'm a big fan of them because I'm a stripper and love to dance to "Urgent" and "Waiting For A Girl Like You".

Francisco GonzálezXX.XX.XX
It was around November 1982 in a very clear and shinning afternoon. I had have been a latin music listener and balads lover too. My sense of rythm and soul was very sensitive and awake. Rock was a new musical language for me to learn. My apartment was the only witness of that day in which I took from Foreigner a little taste. The song was "Waiting For A Girl Like You" I said "My God, what a voice seems like is not true". Since then, I haven't stop to rock, it opened my eyes to what it was unknown.

I've known Lou since we were kids...played in a band together in high school... and always new he would go far. He is the best at what he does, and has great moral / ethical standards he lives by. He is an accomplished musician and human being. Best of luck Louie.

Kevin BrennanXX.XX.XX
I have older brothers, so I've been listening to rock music my whole life. They bought several records in the 1970's, including Foreigner's first three albums. I liked their songs, but didn't become a real Foreigner fanatic until the first time I saw them in concert (which was also my first of any concert) on December 1, 1981 in Omaha. Hearing songs like "Double Vision", "Hot Blooded" and "Head Games" reminded me of how many great songs they had, but the best part of the concert was when Lou said "Omaha, this is an emergency!!" and Mick started playing the opening guitar chords to "Urgent"! That was the most fun I've ever had. "Urgent" is my favorite song of all time.   I see them whenever I can. That first concert really made me a true fan.

Justi MannXX.XX.XX
Parents listened now I love.

Juliana T. JacobXX.XX.XX
Well, my history is very old...(more or less) I'm now 24 years old, but since my 12 years, I'm lover this group... Foreigner to me is singular... really... Now, I just want say for all band: SUCCESS...MORE AND MORE... Your fan... Juliana (Brasil).

I have always liked Foreigner. I have also liked Lou's solo attempts. I am a special education teacher in a small town in Iowa and when my students here me singing oldies they just about flip. I am only 29 but I am SOOOOOOO old. They are coming to the Surf in July and I can not wait. The music may have died there but that night there will be a revival.

Rick KernXX.XX.XX
Like most, I've been listening since day one. They are my favorite band, all time. In 1986 I met the girl of my dreams. She was a fan, but not as much as I was. I played one song for that I loved over and over. I ended up marrying her in 1992. Our wedding song was, is, and will always be "I Don't Want To Live Without You". I was so upset when Foreigner broke up for that period. I was so much more happy when they got back together. I know they've been around 22 years, but I pray they keep making music. It makes me feel like a kid again.

Not sure where exactly to begin...

I first heard "I Want To Know What Love Is" while in high school (mid-80's), then "Urgent" while on vacation in Florida a few years later at a mall. Finally, I remember "Say You Will" being my all-time favorite tune from my freshman year in college. I remember being in a Bowling class for P.E. credit, going to the alley, and plopping the customary 25 cents on the juke box to hear "Say You Will" every other day at Bowling class. (Too bad it didn't help my average or my grade any, but it sure made the class a lot more fun!)

From there, I guess that's when I got hooked. I also like "Juke Box Hero", "Street Thunder" and just about all the others. But I think "I Want To Know What Love Is" will probably always be my all-time fave Foreigner song because the words did such an excellent job of conveying some not-so-happy feelings I was experiencing at the time and actually were the substance of a lot of my prayers to God.

Speaking of Whom, I was so thrilled to hear on the radio a couple of years ago about Lou Gramm having become a Christian -- YAY, GOD! And way to go, Lou! Hang in there! <>< + :)

So..."I Can't Wait (Another Moment)..." to see what happens next with the group... I hope to see them in Houston soon!

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The Fans: Stories: Stories Page 201.22.01
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