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Ken WarrenXX.XX.XX
I'm a Foreigner fan from the 70's, particularly as a kid listening to "Double Vision" and "Head Games". As Lou Gramm is from my hometown of Rochester, NY, we here are especially fond of the band. Loved "4" the best, but the others afterward are still enjoyable. Strangely enough, I really enjoyed "Unusual Heat" as an album, though it strayed from the Foreigner "sound" to me. I'm very excited for Lou's growth as a Christian, and he does a great job singing with Petra on "We Need Jesus" ("Petra Praise II" album). Thanks for a great site for a great band! - Ken.

Kim HogueXX.XX.XX
I have really enjoyed Foreigner for years, I seen them in Germany in 1985 or 1986 at Nurerberging concert. I will be at Moondance Jam this year and I will be front row. See you in July 11th.

Nick KotzerXX.XX.XX
When I was 16 years old growing up in Kirkland Washington I first heard Foreigner on the radio. I liked their songs but didn't buy any of their records. It wasn't until I heard the live broadcast from Atlanta in 1979 that I became a fan. I was lucky enough to tape the show with my cheap tape recorder. In fact, I had to be really quiet so I wouldn't mess up the recording. In the following winter months my friend and I would play the game of stratego and listen to this show over and over. We each won about %50 of the time. When one of us won the other guy would beat him up. So the frienship was great and so was the music. I think that's why I cherish the music so much. Now that it's 20 years later I can still listen to the music that my friends and I shared. This brings back a lot of great memories. Also, my friend Scott DeGraw and I used to go backpacking in the mountains a lot (Mt. Rainier). These backpack trips would last a week or so and cover about 100 miles. So hiking up and down the trails all day we had a lot of time to talk and sing. "Double Vision" was our favorite song at the time so we would take turns. First he would sing the vocals and I would make the sound of the guitars with my voice. We also used hiking sticks while we walked and they made great guitars! Funny thing about this is sometimes we would come around a corner in the woods and to our surprize there would be another group of hikers we would run into. Our faces turned a little red and we moved on and picked up where we left off with our singing. Anyway singing in the mountains with my best friend when I was 17 years old are memories I will treasure for the rest of my life! I remember back when "Urgent" was the first single from "4". The first time I heard it was in the middle of the night and was sleeping. I woke up in the middle of the song and taped it. So all I had was the sax solo and the ending for a few days. That was enough for me. It was great. I think the "4" album was the album that put Foreigner up there as my favorite band at the time. As the years followed my interest in Foreigner dwindled as did the quality of their music. Now there is a renewed interest in the band mostly because of the Chat Page and the Phoenix Page! Thanks a million Phoenix.

T. MullinsXX.XX.XX
I was 14 when the first Foreigner album was released. I was living in a small town (in the middle of nowhere) Oklahoma. The radio station periodically graced us with a rock n roll song. Well, I was starting to hear these new songs from a new group called Foreigner, and I remember going to buy the latest music rag to find out what the lyrics were and who made up the band. I couldn't convince my mom to give me the money or buy the album for me so for awhile, I had to be satisfied with hearing it on the radio or if a friend was fortunate enough to have it. As Christmas got closer, my mom dragged us to some friends of hers, being the typical teenager I was bored & couldn't wait to leave but then it was time to open the gifts they had given to us. I tore into mine to find a gift certificate to a place in town called the "Tape Shack" that had all the latest tunes. I was so excited I couldn't stay still. The only thing I wanted to do was run down there & get my new! Foreigner album. Problem was, it was Sunday & they were closed. I had to wait until the following day and begged my mom to take me down there. I was so afraid they would be out of the record when I got there but luck was with me. What was even more amazing is I still had money left over after buying the album. I have bought everything of theirs since then & I still have that original album. I don't care how many scratches or how worn it is, that was one Christmas present I'll always cherish. It was many years later but I was finally able to see them in concert. I sat in the nose bleed section, but I didn't care, that man's voice reached all the way up. I guess my last wish would be a chance to chat with them in person. That would be the ultimate after following them for the last 22 years. I would like to say thanks for all the years of pleasure you have given me, and hope you continue to give to those generations coming up.

Morten Stig JoergensenXX.XX.XX
I've been into the band since I first heard "Cold As Ice" way back then. By the way, I'm from Denmark, 34 years old, and still a huge fan of AOR/classic rock. In fact, there's still quite a few Foreigner fans here in Denmark eagerly awaiting the next Foreigner opus. Regards, Morten.

David V. DemingXX.XX.XX
When I was about ten years old, I was playing nerf hoop in the family room while listening to the radio. The year was around 1977, and Lou's voice began filling the airwaves. "Cold As Ice" was on my favorite radio station. As soon as the song started, I stopped shooting hoops and carefully listened to the entire song. I was hooked. Something about Lou's voice and band's chemistry hooked me hook, line, and sinker.

Then, the next day, I scraped up enough dough to head to the local record shop and purchase the album. It was my first record, and I wore out the record and the needle to my phonograph. Thank goodness we now have CDs. Regards, David V. Deming. Portland, Oregon.

Vicki KirkpatrickXX.XX.XX
What can I say but Foreigner along with other classic rock music, got me down blood alley, and tragedy trail many times through the years, calming this little bundle of nerves, so keep on keepin' on guys. 'Cuz I wanna know what love is, also. Salute! - Vic.

I would like to thank Lou and Mick for the song "Rain" it has been an inspiration during stuggles. Phil. 1:6.

Whale WilhelmXX.XX.XX
Back in 1994 when I bought "Records" on CD for the first time I played it for myself and enjoyed it way to much. However since I lived in college dorms at the time my friends came over and said it was crap. So I proceeded to play it every day for them for about two weeks at maximum volume. They hated me and Foreigner for those two weeks then I decided it was time to purchase thier albums. Now that same "Records" CD is in the hands of one of those guys who said it was crap!!

Ben JohnsonXX.XX.XX
When I was 8 or 9 I always heard Foreigner's music on the radio. The songs that usually got played was "Waiting For A Girl Like You" and "I Want To Know What Love Is". When I was 16 I loved those songs but never knew who sang them. Then one night I saw an info-mercial for a CD. I saw the band and the songs and immediately bought their CDs, "Greatest Hits Live". I got hooked in the 80's and I'm loving it in the 90's. CHILL.

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The Fans: Stories: Stories Page 101.22.01
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