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I'd like to sell (or trade with Foreigner stuff) all my Def Leppard books (original biography too) at the price on the cover.

Don Palmer01.29.02
Hi there, there are three Foreigner items which I've heard have been released but cannot find them anywhere:

1. A CD called "Acoustic" (not "Rough Diamonds"). Is this available anywhere please?

2. A CD called "Live Around The World". Is this the same as their official "Classic Hits Live" album?

3. A video (released in Japan I think) called "Super Rock 1985"?

If you can help me with any info I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Don (Toronto).

Andreas Kotschote02.26.02
Hi, I am desperatly looking for promotional video clips of Foreigner, Lou Gramm and Shadow King (no live footage). I have partly the clips of "Just Betweeen You And Me", "Say You Will", "I'll Fight For You", "Lowdown And Dirty" and "I Want You". But the quality is very poor, so can somebody help me??? I know there must be at least ten more clips out there....!!!

I am a newbie to VHS tape trading. I am desparately looking for any Foreigner material on VHS (UNITED STATES FORMAT). I would like to acquire a 2, 4, 6, even 10 hours of compilation material of Foreigner performing their big hits. I don't have anything to trade, but I can provide blank VHS tapes & pay for postage on both ends. I would appreciate any help anyone could offer.

Thank you so much.

Mike Thaxton07.28.02
I am looking for any live shows by Foreigner, new to collecting live shows so I have no Foreigner to offer many others though. If anyone is interested I have a signed copy of the "Black Sheep" album - signed by all members of the band. Not sure what it is worth. Let me know.

Thanks Mike.

Mike Smith07.28.02
If anyone got the 2-hour CBS The Early Show from July 9, I would be interested in it. Please e-mail me. My CBS stations in Tulsa and OKC only carried the second hour of it. Will supplied the blank for it.

David G.09.15.02
Hi everyone. To all the fans I have a lot of memorabilia of 25 anniversary of Foreigner. T-shirts (printed, embroidered), coffee mugs, posters, embroidered sweats, jackets, hats, etc. To sale or trade. Also of other some great bands. Ask me! I'll answer to all. Thanks.

Jim Soro12.02.02
Looking for Foreigner video for 1993 concert "Live At Deer Creek". Will pay $$ or trade a Journey 2001 concert video or a 2001 Styx / REO concert video.

Can't seem to be able to order through the internet (import only, which is out of stock). If someone knows a site, please let me know. Thanx!!

I am looking for any concert videos from 1993 on, I have "Live At Deer Creek" and a 1998 Springfield show, but am looking for any others including any tv appearances after 1993. Also interested in Lou Gramm solo videos or any Bruce Turgon photos or other items. Please e-mail me, thanks very much!

I am interested in obtaining the recorded video of Foreigner in concert at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, PA in 1985. Gullify was the band that opened up for them. I am on that video. Where would I go to obtain that recorded video in my area?

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The Fans: Trades: Posts Page 412.02.02
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