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The Fans: Trades: Posts Page 301.10.02

Hi, I am looking for some old Foreigner live videos... If you are interested I have lots of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac stuff to trade...

I'd like to trade US Foreigner stuff with European stuff. I'm looking for: special, cd live, photos (we can trade them via e-mail), I have some old photos took in the 1979-1982! And any kind of stuff on this great group!

Todd Richards02.06.01
Greetings! I'm hoping to find a promotional flat or poster for the "Mr. Moonlight" album. I'm hoping to frame the item with pictures of myself with the band (it was a great time meeting Lou and Mick!). I can trade a rare radio interview with short acoustic performances of "Dirty White Boy" and "Urgent", also rare 12" mixes and the like. Please email me with any help! Thanks. RTR

Yann Perez03.06.01
I trade a double LP "King Flower Biscuits" containing a live performance of Foreigner, a radio show with Foreigner live in Tokyo, and the album "Poor Heart Featuring Lou Gramm". Email me for precisions. I'm french.

I am an avid trader of bootleg live recordings of various groups/artists. My trading page spans more than 30 pages worth of outstanding recordings (cd only). I am very interested in trading for oustanding Foreigner shows, but I am mostly interested in shows from the solo career of Lou Gramm, newer Foreigner shows with Lou material would be great, "I Want To Know What Love Is", etc. If interested in setting up a trade please email me for an exchange on my trading list for yours. Thanks in advance, Stu.

I'd like to trade Foreigner 12" promo with "Feels Like The First Time", "Hot Blooded", "Dirty White Boy", "Juke Box Hero", "I Want To Know What Love Is" and "Say You Will" with some Foreigner photos or any kind of stuff!

Sascha Handerer04.18.01
I'm looking for Foreigner Live-Shows from 1991-1999. I would pay a very good price for every show.

Chris Tabar05.11.01
I have the mp3s for "Live In Atlanta". Could somebody e-mail me the correct track listing for this album? I don't know what order the tracks are supposed to be in!

Mari Boyd09.08.01
Good day everyone! I am looking for any old pictures of Dennis Elliott, any type, any year. Would pay anything for these if any available!! Thanks for your help. Email me at my address!!! Mari.

Hi Foreigner fans! I heard that the European release of "Mr. Moonlight" is different from the USA release. I'm in possesion of the European release, so is there anyone out there who could provide me the USA release? All trades are welcome... Thanks, André :)

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The Fans: Trades: Posts Page 301.10.02
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