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Jeff WillcoxonXX.XX.XX
I have the following Foreigner (and related) items available:

Foreigner "Live at the Budokan, Tokyo, Japan" (1989 - 3 LP set)
"Feels Like The First Time"
"Double Vision"
"Blue Morning, Blue Day"
"Long, Long Way From Home"
"Cold As Ice"
"Head Games"
"Say You Will"
"Waiting For A Girl Like You"
"That Was Yesterday" (not available on the 2 CD set)
"Heart Turns To Stone"
"I Want To Know What Love Is"
"Juke Box Hero"
"Hot Blooded"

Lou Gramm "Live at the RKO, New York City, NY" (1987 - 3 LP set)
"Ready Or Not"
"Arrow Through Your Heart"
"If I Don't Have You"
"You Can't Do That" (Beatles cover tune - unreleased)
"Until I Make You Mine"
"She's Got To Know"
"Lost In The Shadows" (theme from "The Lost Boys" movie)
"Midnight Blue"
"Tin Soldier" (featured later on "Long Hard Look")
"Word Gets Around" (unreleased)

Ian Lloyd "3WC" ("Third Wave Civilization") (1980 - 1 LP), featuring on some songs: Mick Jones (lead and rhythm guitar), Lou Gramm (background vocals), Al Greenwood (synthesizers), Bryan Adams (rhythm guitar).

If anyone is interested, please contact me. Jeff.

Peter LarsenXX.XX.XX
I have different live recordings:

"First Time Around", LP, 1977, U.S.A.
"Live In The 80's", LP, 1979, Japan
Radioshow, 1 1/2 LP, 1980, U.S.A.
"Starrider", CD, 1981, USA, 73 min.
"Live In Dallas, Texas", CD, 1982, U.S.A., 52 min.
"Live In Paris", CD, 1985, France, 74 min.
"Blue Morning", CD, 1989, Japan, 65 min.
"Live in U.S.A.", CD, 1991, New York, 77 min.
"Back To Rock You", CD, 1993, Electric Lady Studio
"Live At Deer Creek", CD, 1994, USA, 69 min.
"Lies And Truth", CD, 1995, USA, 71 min.
"Live In Germany", CD, 1995, Germany, 35 min.

I'm interested to exchange tapes/minidisc if you got different live recordings plus following, I'm missing in my collection: Lou Gramm "Long Hard Look", the 14 track version, Foreigner: No title known but from the Trevor Horn pre-production of the album "4", some of the material was used on "Agent Provocateur" album.

Are you interested, please contact me. Peter.

David AderanXX.XX.XX
I am looking for live recordings of Foreigner and Lou Gramm.

Jamie WeberXX.XX.XX
I have these videos for trade:

"Cal Jam II" 1977, 5 min., PRO EX
"Dusseldorf, Germany" 12/81, 60 min., PRO EX+ (As seen on the "Feels Like The First Time" Home Video)
"Germany" 1985, 25 min., PRO EX
"In Concert" 1993, 15 min., PRO EX
"Tonight Show" / Leno 1995, 10 min., PRO EX
"VH1 Studios" ("Hot Blooded" acoustic) 1996, 5 min., PRO EX

I also have the actual CD's of the live radio show from "Dallas 82" and "House Of Blues 95", as well as a three LP radio show called "The Source", a doumentary on the band from 1981. I am looking for any live video or audio on the band. If you are interested, e-mail me and we'll work something out.

Ombretta PistarāXX.XX.XX
Hello Everyone! It's me again Ombretta the Foreigner Italian fan, I'm writing here again, because I'm looking for fans to trade my staff on Foreigner and other bands. I got new stuff on Foreigner, like Live CD and Live video (last tour!), and many stuff on Def Leppard to sell. Everyone who interested to trade or buy. For Foreigner stuff I wanted Live bootleg audio or video, interview, special of MTV and the video of "The Very Best On Video". Thanx in advance!!!

Ombretta Pistarā
Via A. Zanette, 17
00143 Rome

P.S. I'd like to trade photos of the band, with my photos of Def Leppard (92-95), Megadeth (94-98), Iron Maiden, Todd Jensen, Helloween, Skin.

Jamie NoblesXX.XX.XX
I am desperately looking for the cd by Lou Gramm "Long Hard Look". Will purchase outright.

Anthony HapgoodXX.XX.XX
I am looking for any concert memorabilia...backstage passes, guitar picks...etc. Thanks. Tony.

Kevin GreczynXX.XX.XX
I have an excellent recording of a 12/96 Foreigner show from Valley Forge, PA. The sound quality is amazing and the show itself is fantastic. A must for any Foreigner fans.. I do not have much so I will trade for pretty much any other audio shows... Thanks.. Kevin.

Jeff and Cindy BrownXX.XX.XX
Looking for a copy of "Live At Deer Creek". We were there (great concert! - and they put it on for FREE!), and thought it would be fun to see what actually got put to film. Please email us if you have a copy that you're willing to part with, or if you know how we can get one. Thanks!

Jackie WilliamsXX.XX.XX
I don't have anything to trade, but I'm looking for anything by Black Sheep.

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The Fans: Trades: Posts Page 212.21.00
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