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I have live recordings from every Foreigner album/tour. I am looking for live shows from the "Double Vision" tour. Or anything I don't already have. I only have audio cassette to trade.

David TurrillXX.XX.XX
I am looking to trade both interview and live performances of Foreigner on either audio or videocassette. Send me your list.

Ombretta PistarāXX.XX.XX
Hi guys, I've many stuff on "Mr. Monnlight" album to trade. I've some live video and interview. I'm looking for stuff on first album, in particular way "4". If you are interested you can e-mail me or write me:

Ombretta Pistarā
Via A. Zanette, 17
00143 Rome

Sergey TishchenkoXX.XX.XX
I can offer you rare CDs of Foreigner, produced in Russia and Ukraine. I am interesting in hard rock of any styles. Please, send me the catalogues of CDs for exchange and orders for the CDs you need.

You can see my list of Foreigner (and many other bands) concerts at: http://web.jet.es/osantced. I would like to get videos of live concerts of Foreigner, and Lou Gramm concerts of 1987.

Carol ZanettiXX.XX.XX
Have extra 45s of "I Want To Know What Love Is" with "Street Thunder" as B track. Lots of well-stocked used CD/LP shops around Seattle. E-mail me if looking for anything in particular, esp older LPs. Lots of other 45s also available.

Jeff WillcoxonXX.XX.XX
I have the following 12" Promo LPs (in excellent condition) that I'm willing to part with:

"That Was Yesterday" extended remix / "Two Different Worlds" / "That Was Yesterday" orchestral version
"That Was Yesterday" vocal extended version / "That Was Yesterday" instrumental version / "That Was Yesteday" orchestral version
"Reaction To Action" vocal long version / "Reaction To Action" instrumental / "Reaction to Action" vocal edit
"Hot Blooded" live / "Hot Blooded" live

Lou Gramm:
"Ready Or Not" vocal extended dance mix / "Ready Or Not" instrumental remix

Thanks, Jeff.

Hi... I wanted who have the VHS: "The Very Best On Video". Send me e-mail, please, I'm brazilian, and I like so much this group. I'm waiting for yours e-mails... Thank's... Juliana.

I'm looking to buy the video of "Live At Deer Creek" and the concert taped for Westwood One.

Lee SchroederXX.XX.XX
Black Sheep - sealed and autographed LP by Lou Gramm. Lou Gramm - "Ready Or Not" interview LP.

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The Fans: Trades: Posts Page 112.21.00
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