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The Fans: Reviews: "25th Anniversary" Tour 200201.20.03

Kerry Tippit07.01.02
I was at the Houston concert and have been a big fan of Foreigner, even performing some of their songs myself. The band sounded so good, right off the album, except for the songs they purposfully lowered so that Lou could attempt to sing them. It was a very mixed emotion to hear the music played so well and to hear the vocals sung so poorly. I felt almost sorry for Lou as he struggled through sounding more like a gruff James Brown than the smooth sound we have loved from Foreigner. Lou had to make stuff up as he went along to try to avoid every high note possible. Fortunately the band was so good that the audience rocked right along with the group having a great time. Some of the time the crowd was singing so loud we could not hear Lou croaking anyway. Everyone else was too drunk to care and still had a good time. Foreigner....., unless Lou Gramm (one of my favorite singers of all time) and who was ill during this concert, please go the Journey route and get someone who can still sing the songs as they were written and can hit all those high powerful notes.

What can I say.......Foreigner still kicks ass. As I type here my ears are still ringing from the Foreigner concert at the Ft Wayne Three Rivers Festival. You guys are great, that's what rock is all about. Not some hip hop rock rhyme crap. Thanks guys it feels like the first time for sure. Dan.

Finally, I could attend a Foreigner concert, it has been my favorite band for the last ten years. And it was exactly what I expected: simply great!

The National Auditorium at México City was not full but I didn't note it at the time. Now I wonder what would have happened if they would have came back at least once after the "Mr. Moonlight" tour and would have payed for a TV announcement instead of only a very small square in the inner pages of the newspaper. I went with Santiago Corona, a friend and countryman I met through this site, with my mother and two older sisters, and I must say that all three females became fans of the band because someone uses to play Foreigner records at home all day long and very loud! They simply couldn't miss the concert!

Before the concert I was dissapointed because I wanted seats at the left of the stage in order to be in front of Mick and we couldn't get them. However, it was great to be at second row at the right, just in front of Bruce. In my opinion, he stole the stage during the whole night as dancer and cheer leader! He was a sensation with the females! And I also had Mick and Lou near, each one switched places with Bruce for a brief period.

The acoustics were excellent! And all they played like demons! Millions of so called musicians around the world could learn a lot from Foreigner. Well, our good guys played all the classics plus "Fool For You Anyway" with Mick on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, and "Midnight Blue" with Bruce on guitar and Mick on bass, good for me because they switched places again to play that song. Hey, Mick just turned 58 in December and he was kind of dancing during the whole show! I think it's great that he still feels enthusiasm for playing live!

Now, my complains are: (1) Jeff's keyboards were almost mute, they needed a higher volume. (2) The song selection was a little poor, a lot of people wanted to hear "White Lie", which was a single in México, and some other songs from "Mr. Moonlight" and "Inside Information". (3) Definitely, people resented that there were not new songs. (4) Lou's voice was not at his best, I'd say that his performance was inferior to the one showed on the "Rough Diamonds" EP. I must say that there was no notable deficiency on most of the songs, other than a James Brown's style as described on the top review of this page. In fact, I think not many people noticed the problem, the most of them were most worried about the appearance of Lou and Bruce, how sad!

Well, in general the concert was great! I will look forward to see them again soon, playing new songs and leaded by a completely recovered Lou Gramm.

The Fans: Reviews: "25th Anniversary" Tour 200201.20.03
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