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The Band: Interviews: "Foreigner celebrates Lou's return"01.06.03

This interview was conducted by Pablo Ramos from the Mexican daily, El Universal, previous to Foreigner's visit to México during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the release of its first album. It was made in English and published in Spanish on Tuesday, August 13th, 2002.

In press conference by phone from Los Angeles, Foreigner founder and guitarist Mick Jones said that beyond the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the band, the tour that they will perform in U.S.A., México and Europe celebrates the return of Lou Gramm, who more than four years ago suffered a surgery in order to remove a benign brain tumor.

Webmaster notes: (1) Foreigner was formed in 1976 and released its first album in 1977. So, 2002 marked the 26th anniversary of the band and the 25th of the release of that album. However, original members, Mick and Lou, consider that the career of the band started with the release of the recording, since was in 1977 when people first heard of Foreigner. (2) The tour included Canada too.

"It was an extremely dangerous situation from which Lou got out victorious, since his life was into danger; as consequence of that surgery, you will see Lou a little slow on stage, because he gained some weight, but thanks to God his voice got back better than ever and that will be evident on stage", said a happy Mick for counting again on his friend and band mate.

Mick and Lou explained the reasons for this new tour, remembered the pros and prods of their trayectory and gave their point of view about the music that is made these days.

Lou took the phone and said that, from his very particular point of view, it's great to celebrate 25 years of career, and he is glad that México is included in the tour.

He added that in more than two decades, what they really miss is the unexpected, the uncertainty of knowing if a song will be a hit or not, or if the public will like it or not, he said: "the adrenaline is missed".

He accepted that even when the name Foreigner is an invitation to the nostalgia, it still feels, thanks to their public and the faith it devotes to them, a propositive band, and that that will be seen, he said, "in our next recording, which will be released in Spring 2003".

About the music that is listen today, Lou said that it is very hard to say what will happen with it. "There are just too many bands that look very good but after a year or less they disappear. That says that their music is discardable and doesn't last long".

Pablo Ramos: In the 80's Foreigner was considered the maximum pop star, today that brand is given to groups like Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. What's your opinion about it?

Lou Gramm: That proves that pop and rock mean the same - but almost immediately he clarified -, well, we write, produce and always play live, but today they dance and sing with playback and there are millions of childs that succumb to this that is far away from reality.

Pablo Ramos: Is the industry so poor in talent these days, that the "reality shows" are needed to form bands?

Lou Gramm: It seems that there is a lack of talent and the TV worries for the rating instead of the quality itself, one should know how to differenciate that. Moreover, I think that in order to achieve fame, the TV is not the right way to follow.

Making use of the word, Mick told what happened four years ago with Lou and about the happiness that the band and its fans feel by watching this musician in action again, whom, Jones said, "it took him more than three years to recover from the dangerous surgery".

Foreigner will perform in México on September 5th in the National Auditorium during their "25th Anniversary" Tour.

The Band: Interviews: "Foreigner celebrates Lou's return"01.06.03
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