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The Band: Articles: "Chasing the boys in the band"06.11.03

This article was written by Roddy Ray from the Detroit Free Press Online News Library and was published in 1995.

Upon learning last summer that Scott Nota's all-time favorite rock group - Foreigner - was coming to Pine Knob, Melanie Papcun got on her parents' computer in Redford and appealed over America Online: Anybody know how I can get backstage passes for my boyfriend's birthday?

What magic the computer:She heard back from the drummer! He said he'd take care of it.

Melanie, an MSU student taking some time off, and Scott, an aspiring cop, were tickled to think they might get one-time-only, limited-access "stickies", as the adhesive passes are known. So Melanie was speechless to learn, at Pine Knob's will-call window, the drummer had arranged two laminated VIP badges - good for the whole tour.

Melanie and Scott met the band before and after the concert, and the members signed a banner Melanie had made from a bedsheet and poster paint. The pair went home that night not wanting to let the experience end.

In fact, they didn't. They went to two more Foreigner concerts, in Ohio. "You again?" the band members would ask backstage, impressed and cordial.

Months had passed by before last Wednesday morning, when Scott, 25, getting off work from Meijer in Belleville, called and woke Melanie, 24, to say someone had told him that Mick and Lou, the band's core members, had just done a live local radio interview on WNIC.

After hanging up, Melanie phoned WNIC in Dearborn and learned the musicians had gone to WCSX in Ferndale. She switched on her radio and, hearing them live, phoned Scott back. Then they both phoned WCSX, where someone told Scott the two stars were headed to the Free Press and Melanie that they were due that afternoon at WRIF.

Scott left home in Belleville, picked up Melanie at 10:15 in Redford and raced downtown - to the lobby of this newspaper - but too late. The prey was gone.

Yet within an hour, Melanie and Scott were at WRIF in Southfield, pleased as punch that singer Lou Gramm and guitarist Mick Jones recognized them and took time to chat - even posed for a photo and gave Scott a tape of their coming album, "Mr. Moonlight".

Alas, the drummer who answered Melanie's computer inquiry, Mark Schulman, has left Foreigner. But he went to a band called Simple Minds, due in town in a couple of weeks. Melanie's already scheming.

Document credits
Thanks to Lynda Kosco, who provided the article.

The Band: Articles: "Chasing the boys in the band"06.11.03
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